Notes on the Nature of Reality by my Student

I had my student meditating on the nature of reality itself after an infodump lecture on the subject. The idea was to give him the knowledge that I have, then him make it his by experiencing it all through meditating. He came to all of this over the course of a week.

☆General Principles
◇Paradigm is subjective

There are 3* typical domains of reality:
The Aware: cognizance, mind
The Phenominal: material, substantiality
The Metaphysical: transcendence

It is difficult to distinguish one from another. All three* are interconnected. The reality of one exists in another.

For example, if you visualize “imaginary” reality, it exists as a mental construct, a material alternative, and somewhat of an ethereal realm*. There are many possibilities and conditions like this.

To one, us humans are just the imagination of another. Maybe even seen as higher beings.

The infinite cycle of self-actualization is why reality continues to exist. It always has. There never was a point where it didn’t. There will not be an end unless we stop perpetuating thought. We exist because.

:black_small_square:An important concept in order to grasp the nature of reality is how things can just be. Things exist under the condition that they just can. It is unknown why this is, or what is, but it’s better not to think about it too hard. However, there is a reasonable hypothesis.

Just as we visualize a reality, we bring something into existance. It is possible everything is realized to exist. This is one perspective.

More to add if necessary…

This is where he starts trying to consider all of reality as a whole, it gets mind-breaking

It seems as though we may only interact with the plane we are in, and the one below us. Everything we see can be interpreted in the 3rd dimension, the 2nd dimension, or the 1st dimension. The 0th dimension is difficult to imagine, being only a single “point”. We may not visualize the 4th dimension because it is too complex for our minds to understand.

This issue, however, may be circumvented by acquiring enough energy to get there. This can be achieved by skill and practice, or for a short period of time, hallucinogens. However, what still may not be clear is if this state truly is the 4th dimension, or merely an interpretation of it. Activation of the chakras, or whatever you’d like to call them, increases your vibration/frequency. Once one submits themself completely to their energy, they are free of time itself. With enough control, they may be permanently liberated from the binds of life.

Mortal death is the ultimate way of ascension from this place, as the body is once removed from the entity. Yet without experience or any sort of modus operandi, they simply cannot succeed at transformation. If so, eventually the individual falls back into the material realm. Where they end up is of debate: maybe it is random, or it is the intent of a higher power, possibly something else.

This begs the question: what is astral projection? Astral projection is not complete transformation. It’s definitely a level of mastery that comes along with the end goal. Astral projection is not enough energy as to break through the coil of existence. It is the full immersion of a being’s conciousness into another material realm. This also only lasts for so long until time takes us back.

Awareness, here, is the ability to be a part of the material realm. Through our minds, we may create and perceive that which surrounds us. We are aware because we can be. It’s just a situation like that where we end up becoming a part of reality.

I should clarify, what then is the boundary between the dimensions, ascension, and awareness? Each dimension is a different tier of awareness and energy. In our form, it is difficult to perceive each following dimension. The more awareness we have, the further we continue to progress.

The question is how do we stop being aware? Even if we let go of our capabilities here, we still are continuing to self-actualize on another plane or dimension. To that, there are many ways.

One is to ascend so far that we encompass all of reality, somehow figure out a way to make what is infinite finite. I, for one, cannot answer to this. I cannot comprehend this. But maybe somewhere along the line it does. Nothing is guaranteed. The more we know, the more possibilities there are. It is dubious that any of these solutions are final. Maybe we just are supposed to stop somehow.

Another way is to descend the dimensions so that we may also begin to exit. Maybe we just end it here by taking a sideways turn. Direction won’t matter. But you know what the real problem is? This construct of dimensions. It makes no sense. Nothing we think is even close to valid on another plane of existence. Forget the planes, that doesn’t mean anything either. Being is subjective. We can’t hope to explain these things. It devolves further into single words, but even to express is false.

As above, so below. As there, so here. But this just perpetuates duality, doesn’t it?

Everything. But that is subject to implications and meaning, we need not anything. Everything we confabulate is unnecessary, and just adds further to the problem.

So to not be is have all of infinity, to be beyond it. But the infinity of infinity remains. And then the infinity of infinity of infinity… So, what we must do is stop. We just have to stop being. To stop being we… no. Wow, I am a broken record.

Paradigm is subjective? Then we must be without paradigm? Is all logic flawed? Maybe I am the one flawing it. My doing? I think I should discuss.

This is where he went to focus on the three aspects of reality seperately instead of as a whole

The material realm is a bit more complex than simply one concept. It encompasses* all aspects of the 3rd dimension which we inhabit, and for that matter, every dimension.

Sounds absurd, no? Well, it comes down to what is here. If it may be interpreted or thought, it is a part of this world. Of course, there are boundaries between the dimensions and points where differentiation is obvious, but ultimately what may be conceptualized is conceived.

Reasons for this: as stated, the constructs including are interconnected. What is mental is material. By extention, everything we interpret is of these fundaments which we are set. A good majority of these aspects are inaccessible to us, yet are all common to the reality we know.

Do not confuse realities that miss certain qualities, such as time, as to be metaphysical. They aren’t. They are realized, thus they exist under the conditions which we can see them.

All the possibilities and dimensions, no matter how limited, ever so slightly intersect somewhere here. And it’s not the outside-in, we just are a part of all of it. Reality certainly has constants right now which hold it all together.

Higher beings can perceive more possibilities and realities which we can’t. For one, we lack the awareness. Second, we are mostly bound to our organic vessels. However, that is to them material. Anything could be material.

To sum up, nothing is really beyond us. Under the right conditions, all that may be thought can exist. There are not any barriers to what we cannot know other than our interpretation and the way our minds think. Even in the lacking of some areas, others may clearly notice what is not there. It’s a matter of perspective. The entities of the “astral plane” are mere beings like us. Of course, there is no comparison to what they. Not my point. However, they are a part of our reality. We are a part of theirs.

Magic mainly deals with these things, sometimes creating attempts to bridge the gap between the metaphysical and physical realms. All which we know, all that we are thinking is in this realm.

For more resourced on the material reality, refer to all knowledge. There are paradoxes to be found in some concepts, but this is okay. It would be a little unecessary to state it all here.

It’s difficult to discuss the rest without fully branching into the other topics. I shall continue.

The capability to respond to stimuli. The thing that binds us to this world.

As stated, awareness gives us the ability to shape reality. Some parts are more flexible than others, such as the self. Really, if one is to change their surroundings, they must shift themself. To gain more perspective is to perform the divine work, to intercept Chaos. Mindfulness is key to piecing it all together. Anything as simple as the way the wind blows to outright visitations is of utmost importance.

Never look down upon any single experience as not of equal worth. But this is just one arbitrary factor. In addition to mindfulness, the general collection of knowledge through any means feasible is necessary.

But enough of how, what? It is uncertain how awareness came to be. Anyone could attempt to explain it, but the issue is the application of the material realm in these definitions. Truly uderstanding awareness is to think outside of the phenomenal world. Otherwise, trying to convey the meaning of awareness is subject to perception itself, which is not without flaw.

No philosophy is really “incorrect”, it is only the paradigm that matters. The way this reality functions can be defined in many contexts. For the sake of Chaos Magick, we wish to believe in reality as the subject, and not us as the object. Here, let’s demonstrate our point.

-Think externally for once. Perceive what is not. Focus ever so precisely; it will be clear.

…You can’t. Everything you ARE thinking is of this world. It is impossible to cognate like that. No matter how advanced of an entity you are, if you are THINKING, you are the subject of your own conciousness. You are. You aren’t not.

Enough of these pretentious statements, what am I referring to? Well, I can’t explain it if that is the question. To what isn’t, I have no answer. Nobody does because that would mean we operate within the confines of our psyche.

However, there might be a solution. You won’t see it, feel it, or hear it though. You will not sense it whatsoever.

Let’s do this again. Do not process any sort of information this time.

-Think externally for once. Perceive what is not. Focus ever so precisely; it will be clear.

…Congratulations, if you fell unconscious through some manner, you did it. That’s the trick. Your awareness vanished.

What does this mean? Now you know what is not. But you interpreted nothing. Exactly, you experienced nothing. We’ll discuss this later.*

To close off this little excursion, just know that you cannot comprehend the real mechanics of awareness. Understanding it requires you to not.

This institution we inhabit is another limiting factor to our knowledge on this matter. Higher beings can perceive our existence. It is unlikely for us to do so unless we transcend our being even for a moment. However, once we come back, if at all in some cases, we don’t get it at all. Interpreting such knowledge requires a conciousness like no other. This is the goal of magic: to form a permanent permutation of which we can observe outside our boundaries, and possibly remain there. Quite dubious though. As of the current situation in our form, only one’s efforts may see them to ascension. We can describe how to get there, otherwise we can possess enough will to temporarily carry others. However, there really is no lasting way to force others to ascend.

I digress from this tangent.

Imagine an artist painting on a canvas. The artist knows their intent, just why they are doing what they are. The artist is a 3rd dimensional creature peering into the reality of the 2nd dimension. There are many paintings possible, but this one just so happens to be the one they create. Suddenly, as the artist strokes the brush across the page, a rock appears. Soon, this rock is in an entire environment of its own. It is sentient. It knows where it is, and the fact it is a rock. It is aware of its surroundings.

Think if you took the rock, and translate it in a direction it has never been: out. The rock cannot comprehend “out”, but can experience it. Now put the rock back on the canvas, it still has no clue what just happened.

Picture this situation as if it was a 4th dimensional entity functioning on a 3rd dimensional being. Exactly, we could not know these things. Such as (insert 4th dimensional direction here). Besides that, we do not know if we exist simply because it is possible, or if it is a higher entity’s doing.

However, imagine if you took the 2d rock, and wrapped it around a 3d object that could fit properly. Better yet, transformed the rock into a 3d object. There is a pro and a con to this: first, your rock is now 3-dimensional, cool, it can work in 3d. Although, there are 2 things doubtful about what just occured: does the 2d rock still exist as a mind? Is the 3d model a new being since its awareness has so drastically shifted?

With that in mind, a better example would be a balloon. A balloon can be flat until inflated. A hypothetical 2d balloon could be blown into a 3d balloon. This contrasts with the previous example, since the motion was fluid. But there are so many states in between to imagine. A little air, a lot of air. Which is the transformation? The more energy we have, the higher we vibrate, the further we emerge into the next state of being.

You sort of semi-get-the-idea. Analogies are imperfect, but combined, they stand to represent a concept. Anything can be turned into a metaphor. Basically, I was exemplifying our understanding of higher dimensions as objects.

-Okay, next concept.

We are all a part of each other’s awareness. One creation is another’s. Some parts of us share common faculties with everything. We are all connected in this phenominal realm.

Just as the artist paints, the painting itself is brought into existence. Its portrayal containing being of others.

There are so many moments which we had existed. Which we are. Which we are going to be. We all are right now. No distance whatsoever between anything. All of reality can be affixed to the tip of a needle. We contain everything. We are a part of everything. This is how we are. Imagination let loose the creation of many. We could be someone else’s thoughts. We could be thinking them. It doesn’t matter. It’s all in of itself.

We are. Thus we conceive.

I’ve been intentionally vague up to this point, what is all this about the state of “not being”? And what’s with the asterisks?

◇The metaphysical is the condition under which reality is not yet determined. What you do not know, what you cannot sense is inherent to this.

The metaphysical is a unique category, because everything under its domain is unknown. Recall the example from earlier which explained how ceasing conscious function resulted in a higher state of thought that cannot be interpreted. That is the metaphysical.

The metaphysical is arguably one of the most prevalent qualities of Chaos. When we discover something, it could be anything. Every time we think, do, or perceive, the metaphysical becomes set physical. All possibilities, seemingly random, collapsed into one state.

I’ve gone over this example on numerous accounts, but think how quantum mechanics deals with indeterminate states of particles that are only considered real when observed, and thus are isolated as one true iota. The ideas of quantum mechanics heavily imitate that of Chaos.

Within Chaos, all is one. However, all is also all at the same time. Chaos is infinite. Through Chaos, all reality exists. There are things that are above Chaos, but it is quite difficult to think about. No understatement, it should be emphasized how much everything is under its domain.

Chaos is not independent of awareness. In fact, they are coordinated opposites in some sense. Forces so far beyond us influence the tide, intentionally or not. Not for me to dictate at how and why they operate. By extension, we exist under this work. Although, that is not to say we can’t use it ourselves.

This is Chaos Magick. If we understand these things, there is no above or below. There is no hierarchy. We have the same strength as giants to some. To some, we are the gods. We are their omnipotence. Reality can be intentionally shaped if we possess the energy and will to do it.

We already affect reality, of course, with every action. However, once we pledge to ourselves to realizing true awareness, we understand our world a lot better. Everything works for a good reason. Sigils, banishings, enchantments, etc. are all examples of how we bend reality to our will.

The real promise we have is the fact that we are interconnected. Anyone can invoke a being because we are all related to them in some way. Ourselves included, the elements too. “I” is really we.

If we have the capability to act out the will of the divine, and to invoke them, we can functionally become them and act tremendously upon the universe, or greater.

◇Nothing is not
If we are to conclude anything final, it’s the fact that nothing is not.

It’s an equivocal statement for sure. For one, “nothing” is indeed the state of not being, of nonexistence and absence. But, nothing is indeed the state of not being, of nonexistence and absence.

The concept of [nothing] is one of denial and paradox. When we have “nothing”, there is not a thing of potential. Having nothing is to the point where it has everything, much purpose. Nothing has complete desolation of meaning. You see? The use of [nothing] confirms and rejects a statement at the same time just like Chaos does to us.

We do not exist, and we also do. We are just a figment of everything’s imagination and creation. However, this material is oh so real. We are incapable of interpreting the higher planes, yet we can act out them. We are so infinitesimal in scale, but awareness gives us strength.

It all has awareness. We can’t see it, but by extension, we know. What is so miniscule to us is huge for some. For example, we cannot see a rock be aware, we cannot see it act. However, the relations which we are connected to it through the Earth are deeply rooted. And the mental constructs we make of a sentient rock are real. And through the metaphysical, that reality circuits back to this one.

Possibility is only limited by our self-imposed restrictions. We should give ourselves these capabilties, but instead we doubt. We doubt what we can do, and it takes advantage of us. This is not portraying arrogance, but instead how the lessons here apply to doubt.

Doubt, whether internal or external, created by us or another being, shifts outcomes to not occur. We cannot foresee favorable events, we can only know failure if we’re like that. We allow these failures to consume us, even if they are a mile away. We accept this, and we drive the result to flaw. By allowing doubt, we dramatically decrease our chances of success. It’s all linked. Law of Attraction is a real thing.

Altogether, the metaphysical connects everything.

☆Final thoughts
The phenominal, metaphysical, and aware realms are in unison. One affects the other equally. All at the same moment.

This grand reality had no start, has no end. Has no start, had no end. Such an experience this is. How beautiful we have it here. Not one place else. I, we, are here on planet Earth. I, we, are everywhere. From the vast reaches of this universe, to the microcosms of the mind, and the reality beyond, we exist.

Reality is perfect harmony just like unreality is too.

I am grateful for this Air I breathe.

◇Nothing is not. We are. Thus we conceive.

Exeo nunc

I am proud of my student for his diligence, and I know he will achieve great things in his practice, surpassing even me most likely.


There isn’t really an easy way to TL;DR this, so I just have to say it’s worth the read.


Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

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No problem. My student thought it would be good to share his notes, so we decided to share them.