Notes from a Nihilistic Mystic


In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God, and the Word was God, at least until He decided to scribble out the whole thing and take up painting because no mere combination of letters was sufficient to express the sheer wonder of it all.

The problem is that with magic, being in many respects a science of language, you have to be very careful with what you say, because if you suddenly declare yourself to be a magician, without any knowledge of what that entails, then one day you are likely to wake up and discover that that is exactly what you are.
–Alan Moore


This GIF is beautiful Sublimis, thanks for sharing!


Finally received my new Ouija board from the Ukraine-based occult supplier Pandora Witch Shop. I’m in love… the planchette glides effortlessly over the exquisitely detailed birch wood, and I can already feel the energies pouring through the consecrated spirit gateway. :heart_eyes::black_heart:

Today marks the start of an in-depth pathworking I’ve been planning with this oft-neglected yet powerful tool for divination. Onwards and upwards, one letter at a time!

[The Magician’s] ultimate enemy is the great Magician, the Magician who created the whole illusion of the Universe; and to meet him in battle, so that nothing is left either of him or of yourself, you must be exactly equal to him.
–Aleister Crowley


Its is really a beautiful one! Congrats!
I thought in the past in getting a OUI-Ja, but i lack patience for that, it is like my divination cards, I use it only in rare occasions, too lazy !

But i should try it again one day.


Mega-Thread on Omens (their definition, specific examples, how to start seeing them, and theories about them):

As there is a door in the soul which opens on God, so there is another door which opens on the recremental deeps, and there is no doubt that the deeps come in when it is opened effectually.
–A.E. Waite


So I’m pretty happy with how my homemade spirit board turned out. First time using a woodburner so there were a few fuck-ups along the way but thankfully they were more or less salvageable. I used oak for both the board and planchette (densely grained wood seems to house spiritual energies well) and after staining & finishing it glides like butter. :ok_hand:

Overall I can definitely tell an energetic difference between the store-bought boards and the ones I’ve made myself. I think anything can be used as a board (I’ve heard of people using scrabble tiles and even bits of paper successfully, not to mention the classic Hasbro cardboard version), but for some reason taking the time and energy to build something yourself from scratch (and particularly out of wood) seems to be exceedingly effective. Perhaps it’s just the placebo effect because I believe it’ll be more powerful, or maybe it’s my directed intent during the crafting of the tool that is syncing up with and changing the spiritual vibration of the board. I’ll get back to y’all when I figure out a way to test this. :thinking:

Anyway, ended up using it last night with the girlfriend to successfully contact our (recently) deceased kitty which was emotional but ultimately cathartic for us. I’d never talked to a dead animal before (although I’d heard that it was possible) so intellectually it was quite an interesting experience. Not very complex vocabulary but strong emotions and an overwhelming sense/repeated affirmations of love (the planchette kept going to the Sun almost as a symbol of life-affirming warmth and connection). :sunny:

Just a little moment of bittersweet happiness I figured I’d share from my spirit board pathworking.

We are immortal volunteers
Living in the sensation of being everything
And the certitude of being nothing.
We are just an outline.
–Paul Valéry


Simple down-and-dirty tek for manifesting your desires via sigil magick:

Belief is the cradle of myth. What about reality, you ask? Well, as far as I’m concerned, reality can go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.
–Stephen King