Not understanding the outcome of a spread

I performed a cord cutting spell today to get over someone. I did an evolution spread and got the following cards

The fool and 10 of cups. I asked if the spell would work and got four of swords

next four weeks
Four of Pentacles

Affecting situation
Wheel of Fortune

The empress and nine of cups
I read the interpretation of the two cards as A woman celebrated and praised.

Does this mean at the end I will have my victory and be over him? I really would like this done and over now. Feelings gone. Not months down the road.

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Seems like there is still a deep emotional bond between you and the person. It’s hard for you to make plans without him because he’s still on your mind.
Seems like you need to heal in order to make the spell work completely.
Next four weeks will be difficult probably. Spend some time alone and recover some energy.

There is a chance for change. Life has an influence on it. Time heals wounds.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and even if it won’t be easy in a heartbeat you will feel better at the end due to the cards. Your wish for freedom will come true and you will feel confident.


My interpretation:

Fool + 10 of Cups - entering into a new situation that can lead to emotional fulfillment

4 of Swords - give your mind a break from the situation, rest, give the magick space and it will work

4 of Pentacles - balance between conservation and flow

Wheel of Fortune - change from one cycle to another

The Empress + 9 of Cups - care for emotional, spiritual, physical, and sexual needs

Healing takes time. Be patient with the process and you will emerge into the situation that you want to be in.

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Thank you so much for your replies. Yes there is a huge emotional bond there. He is on my mind constantly. I just can’t allow it anymore. It’s unrequited. It’s like he’s trying to force himself to like me when there is no need for it. Like he can’t make up him mind about me. He goes away for a long time without contact and then reaches out to me again. Over and over. I’m done.

Hell the last 35 years have been hell emotionally. What’s another four weeks. As long as I get what im asking for. I just want the feelings to STOP


Hey @ViktoriaMourning,

With regards to getting this guy off your mind, this video will help. It’s not technically magick, but it certainly works like magick!

Combine this with Vovin’s Freeze Spell and I promise it will get this dude out of your head.

Best part is that both Vovin’s Spell and this exercise shouldn’t have to take you more than 30 minutes in total to do.

Wishing you the very best,

That is fantastic!! I will watch this as soon as I can.

Thank you!!