Not sure which way or which entity to tackle this situation

Long story short – Aunt died, mom is in charge of estate, house is being foreclosed on by the bank, lawyer is talking with bank because there’s been a chance they might try to get money from the estate (mom, me, brother) due to water damage (which was the bank’s fault for changing the locks on the door in the middle of winter during a period of -30 temperatures.) So, the lawyer is in talks about a deed swap for foreclosure. We all just want to be done with the house, let the bank take it, not have them come after us for anything, and just finally leave it all in the past.

I’m not sure which entities, spells, etc, I should go with. Looking for some advice on this.

Belial or Seere might help if I’m not mistaken

Think I could do both?

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I think so, you could try it out