Not sure which entity to work guys...RCS4215

I am having a lot of trouble with my boss right now. He seems to keep blaming me for everything, then I go back and show him it was not my fault. For months and months he blamed me for double ordering (which my company is worth over $100M, so double ordering is serious money wasted)… I told him for months and months there was a problem with this system. He told me everyday, impossible. Come to find out I was right. But He is the type of person, once he labels you, you’re labeled for a longggg time. So every fuck up related to me, he blames on me, then I have to research and prove him wrong. It’s stressing me the fuck out!!!. So, BALG, what entities, spells, ideas do you all have that I can get this guy. Hes very narrow minded, and a hasidic Jew. They seem to be difficult to affect…Possible, but takes a lot of work.


Belial comes to mind instantly.


I use Belial all the time. He is my go to guy. I guess what I also want to know, is what would you all do to remove this problem. How would you tell Belial to go about this. My boss is the owner, not a supervisor…so its weird if you know what I mean.

Saturn, to shut him up. Jupiter, to create opportunity. Mercury, to manipulate.

I suggest, in terms of demons, Lucifer, Lucifuge, Belial, Paimon.


I would bind his ass to make him unable to take any action, be it verbal or physical.

Then contact a demon to get him to change his opinion of me OR take over the company.

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Jupiter and saturn to protect your status
Jupiter and venus to protect your values
And jupiter and mercury go protect your speech for a start, i can make you a list when i get home later. Still at work at this time.

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I would use both Orobas and paimon. Orobas brings you status, and ive seen peoples experiences using orobas to earn them gratitude from their bosses, like here. Then id use paimon to make him a bit more agreeable and easier to work with


Summon Coatlicue. She will bend this man to your will. Make him quiver in fear at the very sound of your voice.

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Ma’at To ensure justice for you and to show him the truth. She will balance the scales for you.

I would use Ma’at to make him see the truth and then use Lilith to manipulate him to my will ( sympathetic magic can help with this )


Bosses are usually not nice guys, it goes with a description of duties working.

You should’ve at least sent him an e-mail and let him know about the problem.

Nothing unusual.

The more he needs you, the better situation you can expect. I would go in that direction.

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Make him quit. I have problems at work alot …I just remove them from my equation.


King paimon ftw!! He got me out of a definite saking situation with just a warning

Okay soooo depending on what you want to do you have Alot of options with planetary energies. As @Eye_of_Ra suggested you can remove his but with saturn
Restrain his ego with saturn and the sun and combine this with Mercury and venus to improve business relationship
Jupiter and mercury to increase communication
Jupiter and saturn to expand your own authority
Venus and mercury for seductive speech(persuasion)

Hope this helps.


Please do

Hes the CEO

Very nice

if you think that spirits and entities are TOOLS to be USED… than i can see why you are having difficulty. you arent making a pact, or asking for their help…you’re using them…like i would use a piece of toilet paper.

you gotta be careful about that shit before it comes back to bite you in the ass. demons have feelings too, and if you’ve ever met Paimon you should know that such feelings can cost you dearly.


Well have you tried the freeze spell yet. That one has worked for me in the past.

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@WiseManEcho I agree…

That’s why I don’t asked spirits to attack anyone for me…I can and will do that myself.

I have made pacts beneficial to me and the spirit and both we got things we wanted or needed.

Which reminds I need to thank Clauneck for something… :slight_smile:
If I can’t help them right then but truly need their help I will leave a nice offering. I try to let theme know I appreciate what they do for me.

The only time things were somewhat reverse for me is when I was Azazels submissive. But it was contracted for him to protect me…even then I fought my own battles…just had a demon backing me.

Sense he’s the ceo I would first try the freeze spell it will mellow him out. And freeze him from being a pain in the ass.
I usually try that first. If something else is needed…you can move up to more extreme remedies.


Im a grey magician… i use both black and white in any which way i deem necessary. If i were to be afraid, i shouldn’t be grey. So far, i have used all sorts of demons, elementals, planetary energies, nature, all to my benefit, and majority to help other people. Every week I make an offering to all entities, even the ones attacking me and thank those all in my life. But with all respect guy whom I have never spoken to, i did request help in my situation, not a bias opinion of how you may THINK i handle my magickal practice.