Not sure which entity carried out my task

So Last week I opened three sigils to attract money into my life.I used the sigils of Ladilok,Bune,and the majick square from the ME workbook.A few days later an opportunity arose for me to make $1600.Now this work isn’t exactly honest work so I’m ruling out Ladilok as he is an angel that doesn’t favor greed.(even though I need the money) I figured it mist have been Bune so I burned his sigil and thanked him.Should I leave the other sigils open? Could it had been all of these entities working together?Or should I burn all the sigils untill my work is done then make and consecrate new ones?

… this is why you keep a journal and work with one entity at a time. How are you going to develop this way? How are you even going to know now if you’re now able to use the square? Or learn to? facepalm Do you even have a relationship with Bune? What makes you think he did anythign for you? Did you speak with him? And what does the egregore Ladilock have to do with money? Questions …

I agree with Poete Maudit. I am a quality over quantity kinda guy. Other than my ancestors I only have a deep relationship with two spirits. Keeping a journal is key to many a success story.

Also you begin to learn some secrets of the spirits that are not written down in any book, you might find that one may help with money matters even though the book in which you found their description does not mention it. For example in his book Financial Sorcery, Jason Miller, recounts a story of a lady who worked only with Aphrodite, petition the goddess for a job and get it. It was only because of the lady’s deep connection with Aphrodite that the goddess worked on her behalf to influence people and get them to fall in love with her (more familial than romantic) and then offer the lady a job.

Did you evoke them all at once and ask them to take care of the problem? If so it may be the result of all of them, or none. You might want to divine the answer and see who it was.

Good luck Musta, you are reaching your goals man!

You’re a cocky little shit aren’t you? Because I’m sure you’ve never fucked up on your path.And no I didn’t speak to Bune I opened his sigil and made the request.Which last time I checked is how sigil majick works.It might not have been Ladilok who I used it was an angel from the ME workbook with a simular name that I’ll look up later.But the important thing is that I CAN write in my journal that I got a great result.

I am actually quite large. LOL I even lift bro :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand what poete was trying to say but he didn’t have to come at me like he’s scolding a little kid.I know I made a mistake that’s why I made the post to ask what I should do.

I wasn’t refering to you Orismen.I"m sure you’re quite the stud-muffin lol

blushes Awwwwww shucks, thanks Musta.

Anytime brother!

Personally I think it’s highly irrelevant. At the end of the day it was none of the entities you called, but yourself pushing your desires into the ether and returning with something concrete. Just thank whoever you’re working with in advance and I think all respect is paid if you’re worried about that. As for burning sigils I don’t do that at all I find it a waste of time, but if you feel the need to do so just burn them all.

I’ve always heard that keeping a sigil open afyer the task is done could fuck shit up.Don’t know if that’s true but better safe than sorry.

You can’t rely on one positive experience to make conclusions (or even a few)

Work sigil magick 20 times, 50 times, 100 times, and note every session, every result. At the end of the cycle, be honnest and look what did work and did not.

At that point only you will be able to know whether or not you’re skilled at SM

Good luck !

Yeah I’m just now getting the hang of opening sigils and this was my first real success.I know it was a result of majick because (without going into to much detail) someone who is a professional in their trade made a HUGE mistake and put something into my hands to profit from.I look forward to having a journal full of great reaults!