Not sure what to take from this

Hello everyone,

I’m very new to all of this. I recently performed a ritual the other day about 1 week ago. A wealth attraction ritual where I placed coins near my door on the ground hidden. I have received news that I will be receiving a fair amount of money when I thought I would be in debt. I would like to thank to whatever power is behind this. I have been awoken several times the last week usually around 2-3:30am. I’ve never had issues with my sleep so this is unusual. Last night I was awoken at 3:30 to this loud whistling/howling noise, I woke up quite startled and I thought it was my dog. I’ve had quite an off morning and am not feeling like myself. Does anyone have any clue as to if this is a demon/spirit? Thank you in advance.

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What type of ritual you did? Petition or sigil?

Sign looks good at all. Any spirit may be trying to communicate with you.

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I did neither. Any advice on how to figure out who/what is trying to communicate?

@mish_elle when you placed coins you had intention, yes, where did you get the idea from?

did you call on anyone?

As for the being trying to communicate as @David211 Said it could be anyone, also a sign that you may need to spend some time on casting a protection circle.

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It’s possible and actually likely it could be a spirit , you could try a scan or any form of divination

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Your ritual with the coins could have attracted an Earth elemental, or possibly a genius loci, but it would not have affected your sleep.

In my opinion, the howling noise and disturbed sleep are unrelated to your ritual.


I did not call on anyone specifically, just repeated “the money placed on the ground quickly attracts more money to the door of my house” I thanked whoever would help me and that was it. I’m thinking of casting a protection circle tonight and lighting some sage.

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