Not sure what to make of what I heard?

I was watching one of Mr. Koetting’s videos and at a certain point in the video I heard my name…has anyone else experienced this before?

I’ve gone back several times to the same spot in the video and keep hearing my name at the same exact moment in the video, but when I turn on closed captioning it dictates all of the words with the exception of my name.

Any advice, direction on what to do next is greatly appreciated.

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I’ve had that happen too.

Sadly, I’m not sure what causes it.

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Hmm, I’ve had that happen to me quite a lot too, though more of other people’s names than my own. Not an expert, but IME, whenever I hear my name like that, I take it as a sign to actually pay attention to details. For example, did you listen to what EA was saying before you heard your name? How about after he seemed to have called your name? Did you observe what he was doing upon speaking your name? Because these details, when analyzed and interpreted accordingly (at times even literally), may resonate with or answer what’s going on in your life right now, the path you’re on, the evocation you just worked on, etc.

The spirits you work with, or have been around you ever since, may be sending you a message as well. For me, this is what usually happens. I’ll overhear a random interview or ongoing convo on the television, then lo and behold, either my or someone else’s name. Heck, when I really pay attention (which is rare lol), I find that the spirits are even answering what I’m thinking/feeling at the moment, trivial as they are. When you tune into it enough, you’ll also notice that there are spirits who just seem to do it for a, “Hellooo, I’m here. Acknowledging me would be nice.”

Of course, I’m very much open to scientific explanations. This is just my meager clairaudient take on the situation. I do hope you find the fitting answer to your question. :slight_smile:


Interesting. Can you point me to the video you mention?

Just before I heard him speak my name in the video, he was talking about Belial and the power that Belial has. After he finished his sentence, he then spoke my name, it was not his regular speaking voice. I looked in the comments to see if anyone made mention of hearing anything at the same time in the video that I heard my name, but no one made mention of it.


Xendrath, here is the link to the YouTube video Mr. Koetting made that I heard my name in. It was very clear to me. I’ve re listened to probably close to 20 times. Its clear as day, him speaking my first name, but not in his regular speaking voice. Right before he speaks my name, he was talking about Belial and his great power.

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Thank you for sharing. I’ll have a look at it.

Do you mean you hear your name at 1:17?

No, I heard my name later in the video while he was talking about Belial. But at 1:17 I do hear a grumble or slight growl.

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