Not Sure if it's me

Hey All!

Had an issue with a coworker of mine a few months back and I did a ritual in response. This is after trying to get along with him make my personality more malleable to accommodate working with him etc.
Regardless, after the spellwork I personally thought that us not working together and if at best sporadically was it’s result.
The work consisted of me focusing on a horrible interaction between us after a proper opening invocations and from a detached state of visualization combining with the negative forces evoked/ embodying my rage and my desire for him to be devoured by the “abyss”.
The guy has throat cancer that’s malignant and he still hasn’t stopped smoking. Not too sure if the cancer was my doing, but I know that me not working with him was my doing. Any thoughts?


I’d assume the “not working with me” bit was just the initial movement of the magic, not the result. IIRC, the throat is associated with Da’ath, and thus, to the Abyss. Seems pretty clear cut.

Excellent working. Sounds like you got your results.

I once simply drew an improvised sigil embodying a curse on sand.
2 weeks later the target developed cancer.

So I have no doubt that this was your doing. On top of that , as Arkhilokhus said, Da’ath is associated with the throat chakra