Not Sure How to Begin

Hello. You can call me Vora, though if you do enough research you’ll probably find my story associated with a few different forums under various pseudonyms. This just happens to be my most recent and preferred name.

I’m female, was raised in the Mormon religion but grew up around a lot of Wicca and other practices and- in my personal experience- they were more true than the religion I grew up with. Luckily, I was taught several different methods of dealing with darker things while I was still in high school otherwise I’m sure I wouldn’t be alive today- due in no small part to those individuals who did practice magicks. I’ve caught on to a lot and I’m actually quite gifted at tarot reading, though my cards are really snarky. Regardless, I’m mostly self-taught and I don’t really offer any services since I tend to brute my way through things. There are a lot of gaps in my knowledge and I’m hoping they can be filled here. At least, I hope a few things are cleared up or given direction.

I will be frank here, though… I’m not sure how long I will be on this site. I’ve kind of given up on finding a forum that can actually help me with what I’m dealing with and finding a community that I actually fit in with, though this one does look promising enough. I was referred here by someone, though I don’t know who they are on this site. They thought someone might be able to give me information on something I’ve been trying to track information on (somewhat fruitlessly, though I’ve had some cryptic strangeness from people who at least act like they are in the know). However, that’s a topic for another time.

It’s a pleasure to meet you all and I’m excited to start trying to find a place here. Thank you.

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Welcome @Vora

What exactly do you practice? You were pretty vague about it.

Do you have initiations in any specific systems or traditions?

Nope. None. I’m mostly self-taught with various patchwork things from different people I met in high school and some online since then. Now that I don’t have to be “in the closet” so much, I’m branching out to try to figure that out now.

Edit: Most of what I’ve actually worked with is dealing with haunts and possessions, though that’s come as more of a vague necessity than a pointed Path.


Hi Vora, welcome to the forum :wave:t5::blush:

Thank you! It’s good to be renewing my search. :}

Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience. I hope you find what you are looking for here,

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Welcome :blush:

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Welcome to the community!

I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here, everyone is knowledgeable in many diverse areas and even once you become more experienced, you’ll notice you never stop learning!

Have fun!


I do hope you find what you are looking for, as we have a broad scope of topics and knowledgeable people who like to help and discuss things. Definitely check out our categories to find something that might interest you. We also have quite a few tutorials members have written here if you want to experiment with them. Good luck and looking forward to interacting with you in future discussions :slight_smile:

Unofficial Forum Tutorials Directory ~ Beginners, Check This Out! 👍

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Thank you! I’ll definitely check them out as I have time.

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