Not really sure

I was laying down last night before bed and was doing some chakra visualizations
Starting with the crown and working my way down (that rhymed) … anywhoo I was visualizing each one as a ball of light. When I got down to solar plexus area something else grabbed my attention. I looked around (non-physical eyes) and saw just this darkness? The only real way to explain it. Just a concentrated area of pure, unadulterateddarkness. Then I began to feel fear. Primal fear… I haven’t been that scared in a very long time. And I love the darkness, a lot of my meditations are in complete dark but this was something different. After just sort of starring and feeling the fear I opened my physical eyes looked around and everything was normal. But I had a weird feeling like what had just happened needed to…if that makes any sense. I have never had an experience like that while doing chakra visualizations much less ever that I can recall… just thought it was interesting and wanted to share with y’all.

Cool share post- just had a few thoughts, not that they for sure relate to your exper (not claiming this will “explain” your exper is what it is)

Your post made me think of how the Body (at a concrete level) responds to Foreign-Energy (ie energetic freq that is outside of the inventory of our socio-psych, espec as opposed to mental concepts that represent); such contact creates a fear response, but if felt into is more like a type of elec-shock and not really fear at all- if that makes sense.

Also if the “chakra” vis happened to trigger, via mind attention into nerves, the plexial nerves there, you can become aware of all the sensations (which lie below emotions- ex Fear as a physical reaction that is then “felt” and reacted to and interpreted as fear…

those reactions can be stuck and held- continuing), so one can be experiencing the sensation underneath fear all along, but not be aware of it (like the sudden quieting of mind and of noise in the room, and you can recognize a slight sound that you know was there all along but you didn’t notice it- lost in the background.

I find those two combine together in an interesting way- open the “inner-senses” and can be aware of Energetic-streamings around, and you can have a funny-feeling that might be interpreted as your body knowing that you have been aware and sensing those E-streamings all along, but you weren’t aware of them… and now are… (and that creates a shock-invasive feeling type response).

You last point- “feeling like what had just happened needed to” is interesting (like a thread you might be able to follow and find a pathway you hadn’t seen before, if you can resist the Mind’s tendency to jump to the first interp it finds- as the mind-brain doesn’t like ambiguity or uncertainty-
and yet if it is something-new, both a ForeignEnergy as well as an Expansion into a New State of Awareness- it will be unexplained in what was previously known (or even able to be described by the prior “language”)- so integrating reqs that Ambiguity& Uncertainty settling and ReVealing ITself.

Interesting post…definitely makes me think.