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Ugh never mind I answered my own questions after posting this. My apologies. It wouldn’t let me delete it.

Often, depending on what kind of defenses you have in place it may be their way of defending you. I read on here about one guy who had his defenses attack his friend for putting the moves on his girlfriend. Perhaps the “attack” people are experiencing is just your defenses defending you.

I honestly don’t know. What my best guess is that psychologically men see all interactions as being power dramas. So, it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that he seesthe conquest of woman as a power drama also. It’s just men being chauvinistic pigs and in no way is it your fault.

I don’t know. Perhaps other people will have an answer.

Thanks for your questions, I hope that I helped.

lol you did thank you.

I basically came up with the same answers after I posted it and was re reading it lol.

Still at a loss on the 3rd one but maybe the answer will present itself as well or maybe someone will have a good idea.

I actually felt a bit silly about it and tried to delete the whole thing but it wouldn’t let me :confused:

Never feel silly. There are no silly questions.

I agree… it is a bit odd for me to put myself out there though. I can read other peoples stuff and try to be helpful but whenever I do it it feels weird like nooooooooooo I’m exposed lol

Haha! That’s good! Vulnerability is a necessary ingredient in relationships. WE’RE BECOMING FRIENDS!!

Awwwww I feel all warm n fuzzy :wink:

1- A part of him already has current embedded active emotional associations. So you must have caused a trigger by some event. This can be amplified by a skillful touch but often times, passive triggering is far more powerful than active triggering. It’s like the difference between trying to separate water from oil and water and oil separating from themselves naturally. I’ve heard of these types of events from accounts from others and from experiencing them myself.

3- I find that a good defense is a good filtration system. The term defense has such an unmovable hardened feel to me sometimes, awfully rigid. Rather, if my filtration system is adequate, then perhaps I can handle the invasive influence and possible even learn from it… or back hack! >:D