Not really a love spell per say...?

Greetings to All,

So here is the situation. I’m not sure if this belongs within the “Love & Lust Spell” category but I’ll lay it out here and see what happens.
So as of 4 weeks ago, my mistress and I ended our interactions. We were in it for about a month or so with the understanding that it was strictly physical/sexual and nothing more. She then approached me and said that she was unable to continue with this type of interaction because she knew that I belonged to someone else, along with the fact that she was getting more and more emotionally attached to me. She also stated that she truly desired to have a legitimate boyfriend (which I obviously couldn’t provide). So we parted under decent terms and we occasionally see one another and maintain a decent friendship (or as decent as could be expected). There were some things that she told me about our physical interaction that she feels that she definitely wouldn’t be able to find in any future relationships or interactions, however I suspect that is because I’m several years older than her (and more experienced) where she is significantly younger than me.
Now I know that I’ve read in other posts that are somewhat similar in nature, that influencing one’s free will is difficult to say the least, and mind you, I’m not necessarily wanting to influence one’s free will, yet I do know that certain circumstances coupled with abnormal situations can cause people and individuals to behave and or take actions that they normally wouldn’t do regularly, but none the less is still within the character as a whole where it wouldn’t be outside of human behavior.
So what I desire is this: How would I influence the circumstances, situations, dormant emotions, and life events around this person where they would have not only desire, but also take steps to want to return to the physical/sexual activity that they once had with me. Take for example this: Let say I did a ritual to influence her life in general, and then say like 2 days later she gets fired from her job at the grocery store and she’s feeling depressed about it and such. I bump into her at the bar (or where ever) and inquire on what’s going in life. She mentions that she lost her job and is really distraught about it. So we have a drink and talk some more, and one drink leads to another and then at the end of the evening she ends up sleeping with me.
Now this is only an example and I could only dream of a situation that would be that easy, but alas I’m realistic to a certain point as well. Besides, my former mistress doesn’t drink so the example above is just that, a fictional example but an example none the less.
So ultimately what I’m seeking is ideas or specific aspects on how to attack this dilemma. Now I know that I can hear the scoffing and the groans from some of you, thinking to yourself “……Waltyrs, you had your shot and it ended and there is nothing you can do about it so pick yourself up and get to work on your ascension process…etc…blah blah blah…”. For those of you who are thinking that, I appreciate the concern and such but that’s not what I’m seeking at this moment in time. What I seek is ideas and concepts from those who can offer insight on how to strategically influence a situation. I mean, whats the point of doing sorcery if one can’t influence the mundane things in life!! (Maslow’s hierarchy!)

This would be a lust spell. Make a poppet, stuffed with lustful and controlling herbs, and work out every night.

just wonder? can he use a return hoodo spell.? or a stay whit me material from lucky mojo? my input.

So this may seem like a dumb clarifiaction on my part, but when you say “…work out every night” are you referring to like going to the gym and working out? I assume you’re referencing the poppet itself but I just had to make sure.

Work the poppet. Pray, stab with pins, etc…

 Got it! Thanks for clearing that up.  Had a momentary brain fart for a second there. lol

 So I've gathered the needed material and have an idea how its going to partake and how long I'll be conducting the ritual.  Out of curiousity, should I do divinations after the ritual to kind of 'look & see' whats going on or is that not wise.  I mean, I'll be doing the ritual for several days and if I do a divination inbetween those days just to gauge the effectiveness of what I'm doing, does doing divination kind of defeat the purpose of the ritual?
 I mean, I know the ritual will be a success and such but at the same time it would seem that by doing a divination to see how the results are manifesting (for or against me) may cause me to change some stuff mid-stream in the ritual and I don't know if thats a good idea....any thoughts?

I know acouple love spells that my god parents taught me. But this was after almost a year of begging. As far as I can see everybody that has experience with them doesnt suggest doing them. But I have to find out for my self. You can do a candle spell red candle come to me oil rose petal oil donmination oil victoriouse oil. Chango macho oil. But If you do any spell be it with a poppet or a candle anythig that has thier essence on it. Hair Nail clippings Underwear. Put it in the poppet or under the candle.

I assume you dispose the residue at a Crossroads.
Do you keep the link to the target for repeat use, or do you dispose of the link used in the spell?

I assume you dispose the residue at a Crossroads.
Do you keep the link to the target for repeat use, or do you dispose of the link used in the spell?[/quote]

Ooowww, good idea. Also, I have a sigil that was created for this purpose. Once I complete the ritual, should I burn the sigil and spread the ashes at the Crossroads or at the property/residence where my subject resides?