Not occult related self harm and mental issues

Im Sure I probably missed a post on this somewhere
Not sure if okay to post something like this on The Forum

So just going to be straight forward with this and try to be honest as possible as I feel it’s healthy way to go about it,

So im or really some advice on how to stop self-harming for me I suppose I’m kind of addicted to it and the pain related to sensation to it feels different than most other pains and feels on a more of a pleasurable i kind sort like the way the pain feel which is confusing to me in some ways,im also find i do when im broded to do, I think a lot of it also has to do with gender dysphoria and being trans and dealing with so many hatfull people every single day, sometime i dont feel going out side beacuse of people, which I feel is kind of weak of me

Guess I couldn’t pass it up so the a occult related section is there a way to perform a binding or spell on oneself to prevent self harm or is there a entity that could help with matter

I would recommend therapy on the mundane side of things.

On the magical side of things, I would recommend talking with the archangel Raphael.