Not new just back from a major hiatus XD

Hey y’all it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been even lurking on this forum but I definitely owe a few people thanks. Since I’ve been absent I’ve done a lot of work on myself and that’s translated into major improvements in my life, and the momentum just isn’t stopping. Upgraded from the sketchy liquor store to a salesman job that pays much better and hopefully soon to an even better paying one. I’ve bought a new car. and some great mind expanding influences have crept back into my life. (As well as ditching a few relationships that held me back) my journey is far from complete, quite the opposite I’d say but I’m moving to a position to help insprire other to start their journey, help guide them to the people they need, and hell guide myself to the kinds of people I need in my life. Now that things are going well and not as hectic and I’m much more centered in myself im back for another dose of knowledge. I had a strong feeling that staying in this forum would kinda steer my path towards a place it shouldn’t go, but now that explosion of ideas is exactly what I need. So thanks to @Lady_Eva @DarkestKnight and @ so many other people whom I never interacted with but found great inspiration in the ideas they shared. Thank you, and may your gods all bless you!!