Not new here

Im not new here but I will re-introduce myself. I’m a 39 year old man living in Texas. I have been a demonolator on and off but something is changing in me. I don’t remember my old Username or email. It’s been over a year.

I been on a journey like crazy in what you call life. I’m approaching my 40s. I have experimented with many different paths only to find that I feel myself sorta disconnected.

I’m wanting to find my way back. I am posting on another post about an experience I had that lead me to BALG

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Welcome back :slight_smile: What was your former account? Is it still open/active?

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Lol it’s been over a year. I don’t remember what my old account was.

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If you do remember please let us know as soon as you do. It’s against the rules here to have multiple accounts here, and normal practice is to place your account on Hold until you inform us.

Since you say you don’t remember and you’re on a VPN we can’t help. I will leave your account open, but please do not post as your old account if you find it.


it’s been a couple of years I won’t remember my old account. But understandable and thank you. You don’t gotta worry about me posting on multiple accounts.

I was in a terrible car accident, coma 3 months, and I’m on my second year in recovery. And my memory ain’t great as approaching old age.



Thanks :smiley:

I’m sorry to hear of your trouble and hope you continue into a full recovery!


Welcome @CrazyIrishman

How long have you been practicing?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions besides demonolatry?


Hi @CrazyIrishman, if you happen to remember what kind of topics you were interested in back then and use the search function perhaps it would jog your memory and you might find some of your old posts that you wrote and therefore, possibly your original account? :thinking:


Hey thank you for closing the topic on that thread. That definitely took a twist I didn’t expect either.

My intention was definitely seeking alternatives.

Anyways that’s all I’m gonna say. Thanks.

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Well I’m 39 now and I began seeking more than Wicca at age 19 … Sooo I found Demonolatry in 2012 I think.

I’ve experienced with kabalah, wicca, Egyptian and Celtic traditions.

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Hey welcome to BALG. I look forward to reading your posts.

Hey what’s up. I thank ye. I’m gonna start talking in old English lol.

I wished my name on this forum was Crazybastard or CrazyIrishman

LMAO that’s hillarious