Not keeping a book of shadows

Just wondering- is it part of the Magick or do you think you can successfully work without keeping one.

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No, because you’ll have incredible things happen, experiences and results, and your mind will slowly start to “forget” them, and/or convince yourself maybe you misremembered.

This happens to me, and I’ve been doing magick nearly 3 decades, it happens to almost everyone I ever discussed it with.

You exist in a kind of soup of mundanity created by the minds of the majority of people, and “maybe it was a coincidence” thinking, like a literal mind-control prison, and it will start to wear you down over time.

Notes are also a good way to keep track of what works well for you, and what does not.


Well yeah, of course, technically it’s not a necessity.
What are you gonna do when you want to write down an incantation or keep track of the results of a spell?
Or maybe keep an archive of all the magickal stuff that will happen to you?

You see, that’s the thing. You don’t need one, but you need one :joy:
It will help you track every single detail in your magickal journey.
I keep multiple different Books of Shadows and I’ve named them according to their use.
In my Divination Book , I have written every single answer to questions I have asked, even if they didn’t make sense back then.
Guess what? Now that I browse through it , things DO make sense.
That’s why it’s best for you to keep one.


In short, mundane journaling is a good practice to get into. Not so short, magickal journaling is a necessity, and depending on how detailed you want to get, you can map out the exact astrological conditions at the time of your casting, which can make it possible to account for many of the variables. Magick can be like math. If you change on variable, the resulting cascade of changes can be astounding. If one did not keep track of the original variable AND the change they´ve made, they wouldn´t have any idea what caused the shift in the result. With the Loci memory method (The Mind Palace popularized by BBC Sherlock), one could possible make up for this, but it would be challenging.


Once in a while I kept a magickal diary, but usually I “omit” it; hmm, perhaps I’m mistaken to do so.

You could, but it would be like performing a series of science experiments without a lab book. Yes, you could discover amazing things, but without a record, you could easily forget about them or fail to see a potential rabbit hole to follow in order to learn something completely new. It does not have to be anything fancy, I use a standard note book


There is a wonderful witch calender where you can write side notes and daily magical workings. The phases of the moon are also written and some of the deities to be celebrated. Try it :wink: the witches New Year starts this Samhain.



Is that calendar an app?

Idk i dont think it bad to not keep records. It works for some but it can prove detrimental to others. I do not keep one but do keep various scattered notes and sigils. I have thought numerous times of making one but my spirits suggest otherwise for me.

Maybe once my alphabet of desire is more developed.

you need books for record and to see results. Also if you promise gifts, it will remind you to give the gift as promise otherwise, demons/angels get upset. It’s also for analyzing the spells and see if certain spells work.

It’s feedback that you can refer to later. It also will let you know your progress in magick and kinda record you journey.

A book of shadows is important. Many people create their own castings and document the results from simple rhyming spells to high ceremonial magic and retain each casting for reference and to see if you receive the desired results.

Keeping a journal outlining your magical experiments, reference notes and observations, works wonders in making things organized, recording the highlights in your Book of Shadows. I like to brainstorm, make lists of pros and cons and what works and what doesn’t.

Another journal that I employ is a dream journal. Keeping a dream journal helps me to remember my dreams and to stay in touch with my unconscious mind. One of the most important things I have learned is to know yourself and a dream journal helps with this.

I also use a divination journal to keep track of messages, visions received via divination. Writing down the results of these exercises helps me better apply whatever wisdom is imparted and helps me remember what was learned on any given day and lets me know what will potentially happen and avoid pitfalls and mistakes.

I used to keep a regular journal and a dream journal in separate notebooks. I do so much now I don’t necessarily keep it all up to date either. Now, I just put it all in one book and write in it when I get around to it.

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