Not just money, but gold and a gateway to true wealth

[quote=“Flame, post:20, topic:7968”]You don’t need to cover your eyes behind the truth when it comes to this. Manifesting wealth is not simple thing, period.

You can not manifest wealth within few days, months nor even one year. It require around few years just to build entire system and plans for it then to start “building your empire”.[/quote]
what makes you think that?

It depends on the scale of wealth - you can manifest sums of money and opportunities, but ordinarily a person on the street with no connections couldn’t manifest themselves into a position owning multi-billion global companies within a day, month, or year.

But TheBaphomet666, I wonder if you can share what your experience has been, and maybe give us some background for why you’re setting up as critic on this thread? Is it an intentional role, or are you attempting to elicit information? :slight_smile:

It’s an easy position to take, but only has true validity if you have done better, and are willing to share some info about that.

Going by your posts, you were 17 in March this year and claimed to have never done magick before, so maybe if you can tell us a little about your own experience, people who have actually successfully manifested wealth would be able to answer in ways that would help you move forward?