Not finishing the job

Has anyone ever cursed someone, heard the good news, only to have them recover rather quickly?

Someone I “cursed” actually came on the news 3 days later as “wanted”. He did something that would get most people at least 20-25 years in the can. This happened in 2018, so when I heard about him getting arrested, I just smiled and kept on moving. Never really kept up with him after that. Now, I find out he is out and doing just fine. He actually beat a murder case. How often does that happen? And he actually DID do it, they must have gotten him a self-defense or something.

This sucks because I know him from back in high school and he IS the type to shoot someone over something stupid. Definitely not a nice person.

Another one I have going on right now is someone falling off of a roof and breaking 3 vertabrae. Supposedly he was close to something a lot more serious, but he is already close to recovery without even having to have surgery. 2 months later.

I’m having these “almosts” and “close calls”. I’m even getting the news without looking for it. But then I find out that they turn out just fine after something a lot more devastating could have and should have happened.

When you hear about news like this, do you have to keep your attention on them and “twist the knife”, per say? Am I making a mistake by “celebrating” after hearing the news, instead of taking it even further while they are in a weak spot?

Every Magician is different, but you may well have answered yourself.



…so go in for round two.