Not dreaming or I cant remember them?

For an old reason, I can’t seem to remember and my dream. It like I wake up and I can’t remember any of it. I know as a kid I could do anything in them . could this be due to not having my tried eye open ?

Do you move your body when you wake up? It’s a good training that when you wake up, that you don’t move. But instead reflect on what you where dreaming.

Notice how when you move tryout the day, the more your dreams are just one big blurry mess.


Yay I tend to move when i first get. I think I’ll try and doing that

Start keeping a dream journal if you don’t already. It will train your mind to remember your dreams more by putting attention on them. Even if you remember nothing write that down.

I’ll have days where i have nothing come to mind followed by days where i’ll get more and more details.


Just tell your self before you fall asleep
“I will remember my dreams”
Or “Something interesting will happen”
That’s what I do and boy are they wild.

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I agree, and this is another reason journal keeping is so important. If you also record time of day slept as well as date and lunar position, over time you might be able to see patterns of when you are more likely to dream. Important stuff.

Sometimes it’s because you are not getting into the REM sleep to get to the dreaming, other times it could be that you’ve been screened and or blocked. Or even “kicked”.

Keep a dream journal and write in it- even if it’s a “black out” no-dream recall. And go to bed thinking
“I will remember my dreams”. Those two things really, honestly work in the long term.

You are not gonna have something memorable/interesting every night- that will be exhausting and give you a whole different set of issues.

But if you really want to be like a dream walker or focused on things involving sleep, it will develop and get stronger. Remember it is an art more than a science. An art based science that is very individualized.

Just relating/sharing things I’ve accumulated through experience.

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