Not being able to feel Lucifer and Lilith's presence anymore?

I had spellwork done with Lucifer and Lilith by what i deemed to be an experienced spellcaster. I know it was legitimate because some weeks afterwards a psychic straight up refused to work with me because of the “black magic” i had cast on someone lol.

Anyway, the aforementioned spellcaster suggested i introduce myself to Lucifer and Lilith and explain my situation to them aside from the spellcaster making a petition on behalf of me during the rituals (binding and domination). He also made me ask them to bind the rituals to a token of my choosing - i chose jewellery that i always wear.

During my introduction to them i really felt their presence and used to feel their presence often anytime i’d attempt to connect to them to thank them for their work. Lately i got impatient and cut things off with my target which admittedly put me in a bad state of mind. And anytime i try to connect to them i don’t feel my presence to them at all anymore? I used to get strong chills and everything.

I still thank them daily but i haven’t felt them for about 2 weeks now. Did i piss them off with my impatience? I will admit i’ve been fixating on the situation too much. Anyone know how to fix this, apologize and reconnect to them again?

This is normal, and happens for all traditions with energy working involved, and also in remote viewing where it just stops working for a bit… your energy body has expanded and adapted, and your subconscious is a little shocked you started listening to it and is wondering if this is good, and your body has quickly become used to running the slight increase in energy needed for the working, so you’re used to it so you don’t feel that.

Basically keep doing what you’re doing and it will come back. Keep running rituals, don’t change anything because in a funny way this is a good sign, as it’s a common stage many have to get through, and they all do as long as they keep going.


Thank you so much. Would you still recommend to attempt to contact them to apologise and give them offerings just in case I’ve pissed them off?

I was planning on doing that and beforehand asked them for a sign that they’re here when connecting to my tokens.

As I was picking up my black candle (I usually use it when trying to connect to Lucifer/have used it to connect to him to give him an offering before), it fell out of my hands in a really unusual way and broke down the stairs. Also, my TV had issues connecting to the WiFI (my TV service works over the internet) and moments after that happened, my TV downstairs suddenly connected itself to the WiFi and a channel started playing.

I was thinking maybe that was the sign? However the candle irreparably broke so I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad sign… lol.

Hell no! You’ll look insecure and weak and they don’t like you to do that or belittle yourself, it’s contemptible not endearing, because they know you’re worth more than that and so should you. Be confident and stand strong, you didn’t do anything wrong, and they KNOW what it’s like to be human, they understand.

Never grovel or apologies for shit you didn’t do especially not to strong people who you couldn’t hurt if you tried. If they had a problem with you you’d know it, and THEN you would have a conversation about it as equals and reach a mutual agreement. Always stand in your power rather than give it away like this, and don’t assume anything. Works for me.

My take on signs is that they’re personal: if you strongly FEEL that this was a sign then follow that intuition. From over here, once is nothing, twice is coincidence, three times is a pattern. Nothing to see here, banish and cleanse in case you attracted astral pranksters and don’t let it worry you.


Thank you a lot dear, you really calmed me down lol. I am really new to working with demons so i am unsure sometimes. Be blessed.