Not assertive

AWESOME YOU ROCK!! Defiantly will be calling him up

But all I have is a red Mario shirt


For speech

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That should help you one up them :grin:


You can also give Halalhala a try, he’s very good at making people more confident in themselves, just don’t call him a demon, he hates being labelled anything, he might come off as overly aggressive at first but he’s really just filled with passion about what he does…So much of it that he’s probably beaten thousands of people to death with it…:grin:


Call me old school, but I thought - silly me - that the lhp was about ascent, becoming a living God. So why not do your own hard yards without resort to external spiritual entities? Imaging your lack of assertiveness as a thought-form and use a banishing ritual. Adopt the posture of Elhaz with palms facing skyward - best done barefoot on the ground the first few times - and call in the energy you need. The adopt the posture of Osiris Risen, liberating said energy throughout your body.

Also, study dress style and the Magick of colour. I never leave home without a concealed a weapon or two.



It’s kinda dangerous to wear all red in some places, especially if you’re trolling for demons to back you up, but if homeboy lives in the woods, I think he should be fine. Is Mercury the one with the snakes? Thoth and Hermes, right?

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Yes, the god Mercury is the romanization of the god Hermes.

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One of my favorites. I think I know him best as the Egyptian Thoth, but then you got your Hermes Tristemagestis or what-have-you. I love his seal. Very versatile.

See Atu I, whilst remembering that Mercury is the God of thieves. I came across a Magician once who was meditating upon The Magician and he got robbed. I’ve posted about ‘Active Taro’.


Why not work directly with the energy of assertiveness itself? There is an intelligence for any energy. Learn energy work (a good book is “Energy Work” by Robert Bruce) and bring that energy into yourself, settling it in your energy bodies and your own aura.

That’s what I do when I want to become something.


^ Agreed, try working with Solar energy for a start, you could begin with this and focus on banishing all negative thoughts about yourself and your fear of being judged:


Guys I would like to point out that he asked for assertiveness in the context of fighting. I concur 100% that LHP is about ascension, but it does not sound like he has the luxury of taking time for personal development right now. This is why I suggested the quick and dirty spirits. When you need to fight, you ask a fighter. It’s what you do. Kind of like that commercial on TV, lol. Once the storm is weathered, however, definitely focus on internal improvement so you have less personal obstacles should a situation like this arise in the future. Also, in all seriousness, build some extra muscle. The physiological and psychological impact will effect not just you, but those who see you, and assertiveness will come naturally. Being in better physical health will increase your magickal power as well.


Yep!! That’s pretty much what I need, I don’t have time to increase my personal spiritual energy right now, but down the road, I will.

If you need a spirit’s help to win a fight, you’re fighting the wrong battle. Don’t play to your opponent’s strengths. Change the battlefield to suit YOUR strengths.

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How do I go about doing that?

Even Gods needs help sometimes. Let’s remember back to the times of old, where Gods asked for a mere mortals help on achieving something.

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Ahh I’m in the middle of that book, i love it because exercises are really simple and it works

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The physical arena is one kind of battlefield.

The psychological arena is another kind of battlefield.

The social arena is another kind of battlefield.

The legal arena is another kind of battlefield.

The trick to winning a war is going further than the other guy is willing to go and letting him know it. There’s power in that.

I’ve literally had a gun pointed at my head and scared the other guy because he knew I wasn’t kidding when I told him the repercussions of pulling that trigger and missing.

Magick can enhance your other strategies, but it doesn’t sound like you’ve got much time to learn it In that case, I would stick to sigil magick.

Or you can use Vovin’s Freeze Spell to “remove people from your life unobtrusively”. I’ve never used it, but I know several other members have talked about their success with it here on the forums.

You might want to consider Ares. He is the of course, the Greek god of war, but what Ares is also good at is building up Personal Power and standing for self. Also, Hera is very helpful in regards to this as is Athena and Hades. I used to use this combination a LoT in spell casting. Just thoughts…

If you look up all of these deities you can see what angle they help to enhance.