Not able to figure out the issue here. Please help me

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to get my ex back since last 9 months. We did not have any contact in these last 9 months. In the last year december, spell has been casted to make her contact me and get into relationship with me. Initially there were some signs and movements(where I received anonymous friend request on social media). But there has not been any contact from her yet. I had many divinations/readings many times from BALG forum and other reliable spell casters. Everyone of them told that the spell is working and she still loves me very much but she is not contacting me because of her family who was the main reason for our breakup. Today, I tried to contact her after 9 months but she ignored my calls and rather her family called me and ask me why I was trying to contact her. Can anyone please help me in this matter and make me understand where I am going wrong? I am not able to figure out what is going on here because there is no chance every divination/reading I got says the same thing but when it comes to reality there is no noticeable progress.

Thanks a lot for your patience.

What type of spell did you cast, and how was it worded, these things are very important. PM me if you don’t want to discuss public.

I’m in the same boat :frowning:

The readings were wrong. The readers just wanted you to feel better. Why the spell didn’t work? Because it’s not meant to happen. I’m sorry.

There are often many reasons why magic doesn’t work other than it’s not meant to be. The whole point of magic is to shift the odds in our favour.

I disagree with your statement. The reason why the original posters workings did not work could be for a myriad of reasons

  • lusting after results
  • protection Spells
  • incorrect spells used
  • strong willpower of target

And the list goes on and on

How can you tell if it’s the wrong spell?

I’ve always believed It’s a personal choice for the caster. You can use the search function on the forum to find a spell that works. There are also a number of books on magic.

I would suggest the intranquil spirit spell for targets with a high willpower although this is not a love spell rather a punishment spell

Who cast your spell? Maybe her family is blocking her from contacting you. Her parents must be a real blockage… first of all get off her from your mind i know its hard but u have to do that. The spell didnt work because it was the wrong spell i guess. U should contact a professional spell caster
If u want some info pm me