Not a shameless confession

I recently have had one of the most powerful revelatory Family events- of an al time High Point of my path currently. I drove like 800 miles to my Soldier Son’sm house in Ft. Hood Texas. Though i strive to instill as profound a value as High Value and Love as I can into all my children; joking insult is that he is The Godling Son, not a firstborn either. But After 4 combat tours with the 82nd and 101 ABN- he is now going to live for hiself and his family vie Medical Retirment and all I can say is his 13 years is easy anothers 30, so good for him! But the Spritual Vulcanism of the event even was not so expected.
So I came home! Feeling near as Ceasar into Rome, and found our A/c had been off for 6 days, and I was too dumb to telling our daily checker for the critters to check the breaker box !! fukn duh, so our house- with 6 dogs and 3 cats was 95 and stunk beyond- i immediately jammed into GI cleaning mode and we now enjoy civilsation again.
I had to change to underwear- and decided— to do an Brank Ritual Dance to Belial, while listening to Church of Carmel by Luciferian Light Orchistra. So i videoed it, Anmd a good part of it is Naked; Dancing Unto My Beloved Mentor Belial. i did so as the would be Gidly Beloved David the King so did I. So, Now i have ro started keep vids of rituals big or snmall!!!
I don’t find the event strange or unusual. I am not the Only one am I ? If so, all i can say; I recommend it, be kinda bitch if one could not do that. IMO

O also- i guarantee David was stoned on at least Hash and Hash oil As that was the Incence and Annointing Oil. Nuff said!

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If you want to vid yourself dancing naked for Belial, I say why not? Congrats to your son, too, and thanks to him for his service.