Not a reaaally serious topic, but want to talk about it


Omg I’m dying! :rofl:


So just as a side note to the OP. I’ve used sexual energy as offering to spirits and they LOVE it. They tend to like bodily fluids too. Male or female doesn’t matter to them at all.


I think it is strange x) but hey ! We have to use everything we have ! XD


There are also dragon dildos… :wink:


Ahaha yeaah I know them !! They seem to have good stuff.


Hmm I think this one looks better but it looks more like a mantal piece then a dildo lol.


Cuz there is nothing remotely phallic or sexual about having a long, thick smoking cigar in your mouth to suck and chew on. >_<
(hey, there is a reason why cigars are popular with fertility, death and war gods/demons so by all means, tap that shit)


Turn the dildo into an IDOL for an entity that you’re close to and enjoy each other’s company.


The story at the time was that before Slick Willy smoked them Monica used to moisten the cigars with her juices. There was even a line of Monica cigars, without any human juices - I assume.

And there’s nothing phallic about sticking a long, hard, thick cigar in your mouth and sucking out all of the white smoke. Only sick people like you would think of something like that. You should be ashamed. Go on, be ashamed. Thanks.



Now i want a cigar!!


Yeah…I so ashamed of my petitioning and offering to the demon gods of wealth, luxury and fertility and death/life. I am so shamed, I might not leave my room for the next few days.



Don’t be ashamed. That is a negative emotion that will only block you. They know what you are able to do and if it comes from the heart they appreciate your offerings. So if you were joking fine, but if you were serious i suggest to you that you reject that feeling. If you really feel like you should give something else or more, then do it. But otherwise be content with the things you can do for them.


Thank you for the concern and the kind/motivating words. Yes, it was said in a joking/sarcastic manner. It is…very hard to tell the tone of things on the internet and what is being a joke, light ribbing, sarcasm or what is serious and intentionally hurtful.

But seriously, if demons/gods of wealth, luxury and pretty much all the “good things in life” are into feeding off sexual energy, I see no reason not to offer them an all you can eat buffet other than at some point you do need to actually clean up, leave the room and actually do something more than just masturbate/have sex all the damn time (steak is great but only in quality, not quantity). It can get boring and mundane real quick and that’s no good.

I know sex/masturbation is a touchy topic and can bring all kinds of the wrong attention and then there are those who just don’t want any part of it due to uncomfortableness or its just not their thing. It also has a negative rep and people tend to shove it into people’s faces or sneak involve people into something without informed consent or consideration.

Being unethical and disrespectful to others and boundaries is something in my opinion that should be shamed. Because you hurt a lot of people and the over all process when you do (though mistakes get made and the truly unrepentant ones who do such things because they are unethical and have no care about boundaries or respect because they get off/a “power boost” from such things are not going to be shamed but that’s a different topic).

This kind of thing should be an exchange of equals. If the person is not comfortable in doing it or becomes uncomfortable during the process, the energy will sour and be off key and no god or demon worth offering to is into that.
No demon or god should demand or obligate someone into doing something that is “off”/causes harm or distress to the person. Those that do are something else entirely and while there are those who work with such things, I do not and I admit I do “disapprove” and judge those who do (but if it’s not impacting me or mine, I can only set a boundary and only act when it’s been crossed. It’s not my head or my consequences).


I agree with you completely. I had suspected that may have been sarcasm so i put that part in about it, but there are so many different levels of learning represented on this forum, competence level can not be assumed and others can come and read the post and benefit from it. Which is always my goal.

As far as the sexual energy, they do seem to eat it up! Lol! I had a vision and understanding of the image of Satan with a mouth at his genital area instead of the usual "weapon of mass destruction " between his legs last night and i completely understood that symbology of the sex act, base chakra and eating humans… i got it. I think It represents them eating human sex energy. Not “the devil” eating human souls as the Christians probably see it showing. Buuut you probably knew that already!!


Well, there are soul eaters out there and a lot will tell you they are a soul eater if it gets them what they want (your fear and obedience) but yeah…

My understanding is soul eaters don’t brag or advertise the ability cuz 1) its not a favorable trait and 2) it would be like us going around spouting that we are vegans or pro meat or anti-meat. No reason to do that and gets rather tiresome to hear. Plus, would YOU be inclined to tell a cookie that you are going to eat them if the cookie in question could do something about it?


##########This is joke and is not intended for offending religion!
If you want to summon dildo you have 3 options
1 To summon Jesus dildo you must say folowing prayer next to His photo from Las Vegas “O men with Micro and Soft toolset (or penis which is better for you…) Who balls is like very small Apple who are very sensitive to alcohol and can go drunk after 1 wine go here go go do it do it you can do it your girl is soooo old (Mary Magdalenel go here go here do it do it” and repreat seven times on full moon eclipse if photo has erection (Small Miracle but you must be very very intesivly looking at him because this can be invisible change on photo for normal humans)
2 to summon Cuthulu dildo you must go on the beach on 06.06.(year with 6 like 2006) because it is very satanic and you must repreat “GEN T GEN T AMAYO EMNA EMNA” and if you have dildo under your pillow then done
3 to summon dildo god you must have 2 bananas 2 big cucumbers and 8 pumpkins you must set up ritual by placing bananas on west and sounth and 4 pumpkins and big cucumbers and 4 pumpkins (so they look like 4 penises) on east and west and repreat “so hole is empty hole is empty get it get it be uncontroled be immortal sex sex go go here here please please one god of all god of all god of all dildos be it be it go here go here orgasm orgasm” option 1 and 2 are not gender specific but option 3 is only for girls and requies acquirin power to ultimate sex by incantating daily for 6 hours sleep for 3 days and if you will have very erotic dream with bliss experience power is acquired ao you can summon dildo good


All is Infernal!