Nose bleeding

I have this stupid problem for about one month now maybee litle more
The problem is that ever since I taked litle break on magic for this summer I started to have this stupid nose bleeds every fucking day I dont know what to do but yes i wenth to doctor and he sayed that every thing is just fine and everything will stop after few days but it didnt do someone knows any thing about this or knows what to do beacose i dont
And thank you


That sucks! Sorry Snake.

Get a second medical opinion.
How much blood? Did the doc take an x-ray? If the doc didn’t do any scans or blood tests, then you need to push harder.

Also, do you drink enough water?

Please don’t let this persist.


Nose bleeds can also indicate severe allergies and high blood pressure. If your blood pressure is fine, you may need to see an allergy specialist to test you for specific allergies.


My allergy and my body’s reaction to sunlight became worse,
as continued working with Lilith.

~You may need a more solar entity to “ballance you out”.
Like that Amatersu [maybe?]

Update: The sun is freaking killing me… and vitamin D3 pills make it worse.
~Its so bright that my brain feels like putted into a mikrowave -well on a lower setting, but still:

Yup, If you are having problems with the day light and absorbing the sun properly Amaterasu can certainly help you with that.


Yeah i payed about 2000$ for high quolity tests but nothing thats why i asked here thank you all so no vacation i will start to work with Amaterasu

Let us know how it goes.

What I’m getting is that since your body is syncing so well with such a dark entity, the light is in a way poisoning you, which isn’t a big deal really. Amaterasu says that she will teach you how to harness the Sun’s energy to empower all of your work even during the day. Kinda how refineries turn oil into gasoline before it goes into your tank.


I will but at start this wasnt such a problem but bleedings started to be biger and longer si when my doctor sayed that i am fine i somehow conected it with my works

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You’re probably right. I had a whole thing myself, but it’s a little late to get into that right now.


Depending on who you work with, daily nosebleeds are a strong indication that they don’t think you should be on a “break form magic”.

In sorcery there are two primary divisions of “class”:

  1. Being Magic
  2. Everyone Else/“Dabblers”