Norse Sun Sign Correspondences

My sun sign goddess/god is either Freyja or Odin, but varies depending on sources. I’m just exploring my sun signs attributes lately, and am curious if any here has tried to find what Norse Deity may be connected to their sun signs… you don’t have to tell me but if you have looked into this or not and do you think it is relevant to a Norse path??

On a different website I found Odin was my sun sign god, so I’m confused what is accurate or not.

BUT I found this site and like it better!!

According to the link mine is Baldur. I don’t really know anything about Baldur.

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This is a nice story about Baldur here:

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Okay yeah, that site says my sun sign god is Vidar :


Or this…'-patron-gods-goddessess

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Not relevant. Totems are probably a better way of finding where you reside but it’s fun none the less. Check out the planetary correspondences of the gods. Wolves, bears, and boars were all totems used by berserkers. Everyone has a higher self that appears as a certain animal. For example mine is a black and grey serpent. This higher self is part of your soul called a fylgja, or fetch. Thor’s fetch is thought to be a goat and it appears in certain parts of the Edda. Odin’s a wolf or a raven, Frey’s a boat, Freyja’s a cat, etc. The Norse believed in multiple parts of the soul. By interacting with and strengthening these parts of the soul, you can esentially reach new levels of spiritual ascent.


Thanks for the great input, @FraterMagni I’m sure my fetch is a couple different things, fox or goat as I’m a Cappy anyway, perhaps other critters as well are a part of my soul. I can relate to Thor’s fetch best in regards to sun sign but not sure otherwise, although I don’t yet have a patron deity from the Norse.

Nice avatar btw. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! To find your patron, just work with whoever appeals to you until you find one that fits.

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Of course! That I will. :blush:

Also, look for omens and synchronicity.

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Yes, indeed. Any particular things that would appear ? I tend to be a skeptic so, good to separate the fluff from the real signs.

Animals, colors, dreams are all omens I’ve experienced. There’s probably more. Songs, etc.

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Fun LINK Runic Astrology

Yeah, you can enter your birth date and get some interesting correspondences, including tarot. Try it!!

Found out my birth Rune is Ihwaz. :smiley: