Norse Shamanism Pathworking


Hi Peeps,
I’m gonna document some of my experiences, much like how i did with the Morrigan and how she taught me some truths about divinity and a few keys to becoming a God. (Which I actually need to update.)

I received a few subtle messages, such as my teacher writing Norse instead of Nurse, people bringing up Norse subjects after me consulting the runes as to whether this is the right time for me to delve in, etc.


The runes are always the best thing to start off with for divination and daily magick uses. So many different ways to use them both individually and as bind runes. Can’t wait to keep up with this. what I can say is different gods from the norse have different ways of teaching and different morals.

Loki has the rule of self-knowledge: Regardless of the lies you tell yourself and others, know who you are

Fenrirs rule of Shadow: Accept all parts of yourself, even the darker ones. Break free your own chains of fear

Freyja-Vanadis teaches many things: Self-love as an important one but mostly

Love is a gift
Beauty is in everything
Death has value
Boundaries matter
Exchange is fair


Something to note is this has been going on for awhile. The way I do my system workings or Pathworking is that i divine for a pantheon that would best suit my needs and wants at that time and i start to focus on that group and study them.

Then i divine and look for signs pertaining to specific deities and i work with them.

So first off im going to go into the Fylgjia, which is pretty much totem animal meets higher self and becomes one, if that makes any sense.

I sat down and did a meditation. I entered the room, which felt as if it were actually flying upwards like an elevator. There were three jars and i picked the jar that i was drawn to. I drank the liquid, which i had black feathers in it. I tasted the feathers, which gave me a unique awareness for the pattern i was going to meet. In the part where you go to the door, the runes Ansuz and Uruz were carved in blue paint on the oak door. I opened the door to a spromg landscape which shifted to a winter blizzard and a moment later, i saw the aurora borealis. I went into a cave where a raven flew in front of me. Next I’ll be merging with my Fylgjia and sharing some shamanistic techniques i know that involves the projection of you as your Fylgjia.


Im aware and thank you. Although i do not mix morals with my work. I’ve walked this oath and worked with runes before. Just not as in depth as now.

Interesting you mentioned those three because they are the primary deities in this.


Really? Interesting-I figured Freyja would be considering she is a master of Seidr but I was not aware that Loki and Fenrir would be primary deities in Norse Shamanism


Not in norse shamanism, just in my particular Pathworking


And i just had someone tell me i look like raven. Well then.



I am a warrior…