Norse Magic


I’ve been working ancestral magic / vodou successfully for a while which led me to researching my background thoroughly. Already knew some basic background in my Scandinavian descent. After finding some recent stuff out, I decided to look into a system more related with my bloodline which would be Norse-related.

I don’t follow a LHP / RHP, but I’m interested in what is out there to pathwork without scattering around many different books.

What could be recommended?



Check out the work of Asbjorn Torvol.


Try the BALG website there’s a list of different authors you might find what you are looking for there.

Also Google Norse Magic and see what comes up.


I’ll look into Asbjorn’s stuff, thanks.

When Googling for Norse Magic, the books that I’ve been coming across over the last few months have been a little disappointing.

I’ll pick up Asbjorn’s stuff and see how it goes.

Thanks for the replies!



Edred Thorsson aka Stephen Flowers.



Just look up some rune symbols and sounds, light a few candles and some incense if you like and meditate on them without any specific objective. Let aspects of your True Self that are symbolised by the runes teach your personal self.

If you want a book: then check out Edred Thorsson’s work on Norse or Runic Magic. He’s written a lot about the Norse path. Personally, I think it is better to work through the runes on your own without even considering their typical interpretations. Begin with the runes Isa and Ansuz.


@spook, How is your search going? If you’re more specific about what you’re looking to do, I might be able to give you something a little more specific.


Former Professor Stephen Flowers was a member of the Temple of Set. His Runelore is based upon his Ph.D Thesis - which decades ago I held in my hand.



Oh, Uncle Al! I am green, my friend, green. :smiley:


Yeah, he has written some great stuff and managed to separate unnecessary cultural/tribal aspects from the universal concepts. He’s now done some work on Persian spirituality/magick.


Runic John rocks.


Hermetic Magic by Flowers is good, but not really worth the money. Discovered the whys and wherefores of the elemental directions.