Norse god/runes warning itself!

Hi, i had a weird experience with the runes; i think it is weird, because in my knowledge runes are related to northern tradition, thereby they generally relate with people with northern heritage; whereas i am an Asian.

The incident was as follows …

Once upon a time when i was doing a deal with someone; immediately after the deal, i had a weird experience, it was as if i was possessed with myself in full conscious state. Then i was forced to do a rune divination for myself by myself, which i had never did before , it was my first rune divination. The outcome was “Perthro” and “Tiwaz” rune; the message was clear as if the runes were literally talking to me ; that, i was playing a huge gambling, where i am going to be robbed ! Still like a fool i moved on and finalized the deal and paid the negotiated amount. One month later, i came to know that i was double crossed and robbed under my nose.

Now, it was weird for me because being an Asian, i have no Nordic heritage; and it was my first experience with the runes. In this whole incident the Norse gods or runes were literally rushed to forewarn me about the upcoming treasury by doing a conscious possession and then giving a forced voluntary runes divination then literally forewarning through the runes. Weird …!