Nordic Gods

Anyone else here dig the Nordic Gods? I’ve been fascinated with the history, lifestyle and the ways of the Vikings since childhood. I’ve looked into the majick, but never grasped it. Does any one here practice from their take on it? I want a Viking funeral if I die. My body placed on a funeral pyre on a boat and set on fire. “Valhalla , I’m coming.” Led Zep liked it too. What are your thoughts?


Well, what made you interested in the Nordic gods?

I’ve been really interested in them to I’m still learning about them and runes and stuff like that I’ve been able to Interact with Loki a bit my voices changes to how I imagine his to sound when I think of him and say the right thing other times it sounds dead on and I speak what he wanted me to say, I do t have a grasp on doing that like I used to. I had a scan recently that was super vivid he seen me as a viking and I was wearing a amulet that changed between alot of runes he wrote down the 4 it changes to and the 1 it rested on then continued the scan I ended up meeting a dire wolf guide of mine that had the same Inguz rune sighn on it that my pendant rested on and led me to Fenrir. I was super excited about the scan read what the runes ment and have tried contacting Fenrir I did briefly but not to string I tried to reinact something from the scan and ended up getting a huge energy boost and seeing green all around me while doing it lifting his paw off of myself. And o yea what do you mean [quote=“redshadlizard, post:1, topic:112448”]
I want a Viking funeral if I die.

Sorry I don’t have actual knowledge of there magic but thought you might like the story.

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If you interested i posted a few resources here on a group study page that was started awhile back


The Norse Gods is a cunning bunch. I do not deal with them if I do not have to.


I “worked” with a few Norse Gods, they’re who led me to the Celtic pantheon as Odin called them the cousin pantheon of the Norse.

Odin has a way of coming into your life but normally he wants people to work within his pantheon, however for me he helped in my learning of my true self and had no choice but to show me where it led.


I have worked with the pantheon yes. Interesting systems of magick the Norse have. I mostly study and use rune craft in my work. Runes are like words of power, combine them together in a bindrune to make your intents a reality


I’ve just liked the whole culture since childhood.

I want a Viking funeral if I die. LOL! I wanted to see if anyone would catch the “if I die” and you win! Seriously, what a great send off to Valhalla.

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Thank you!

Yep , been working with Odin for a while , he’s always had my back and taught me many things , so have Thor and Frigg

Nice. Are you European?

Yes! I’m “hanging with” Set of the Egyptian variety at the moment, but I might work with Odin next time.

Yeah they’re a Pantheon I’m close to. I was wary but a friend of mine told me I had an energy similar to Freya’s so I began praying to her. Now I’ve connected with quite a few Norse Deities.

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