Nordic deities and Proto Nordic

This can be really followed for any deity but it is an interesting discussion to do especially with deity names. I am curious with people’s response, has anyone tried to communicate to dieties with older languages in general than Nordic or the equivalent Languages for that region. I am also interested in the results of runic work during the proto nordic and how the runic work differs from a spiritual perspective, plus how older languages translates to runes in general. I know it’s a lot of perspective, questions and thought but it’s an interesting topic of what gods where worshipped in what way Freyr where worshipped like as a sword god throughout the bronze/iron age . Thor was seen as the axe god during the period, I will provide artwork I have gathered from and I will correctly source my material in Harvard style. It is said that Freya during that period was more connected to the sun then in previous period as there was a fertility cult based around it during that period. Cult is not used a derogatory way as fertility cults have originated back to Indo-European days.
Disclaimed: This is not an attack on the god or any other group, this discussion is for educational and interest based.

Freyr protrayed in the image.
torvitl Thor portrayed in the image as the axe god.
Sun-Discs-and-a-Boar-being-penetrated-by-swords-the-phallic-emblem-of-a-Bronze-Age-Sword-God-%C3%96sterg%C3%B6tland-Sweden Freya as the sword god.
References: (2018). Roots of the Bronze Age | Freyia Völundarhúsins. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 Apr. 2018].

Could you point me to the exact place where it does indeed say that those figures are freyr an thor?

Here you go:
It’s worth checking out.

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Good food for thought. I like that they mention Lugh. Gotta be my favorite god ever. I don’t think I’m going to put much stock into those theories though. The further you go back to the source of things it all kind of blends together.

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