Candle Wax!!! All over my Universal Circle!!!

Funny, there is blood all over mine.(for the first time)

Lol, thanks for reminding me, mine may need a ‘re-charge’.

You should see what mine looks like under a blacklight :wink:

There would be jizz all over mine lol

Ron Burgundy - That Escalated Quickly

Lotus took us to the edge…Lulouch pushed us off.

I normally use the astral circle drawing from EE to charge my circle but a couple days ago blood was far more appropriate.

[quote=“Gnosis, post:1, topic:3240”]Candle Wax!!! All over my Universal Circle!!!

[/quote]This is exactly how I felt when my candles melted down onto my circle. I may have actually struck that exact pose. LOL

LOL come on guys. Lust workings! Lust workings! Offering seed. That’s my game. Don’t yall get that?!

If I had a circle, it would covered in Swag.

My home made UC is covered in my cat Garfields hair because he will not leave it alone! He loves to sleep on it.

Mine is covered in candle wax,wine,oils,dirt,and every…EVERY bodily fluid imaginable… and I like it…yeah your a dirty little circle aren’t you…due for a spanking you are.