Noob question or rather insight

Was listening to a band GHOST, they have a “Satanic” theme, but they are actually pretty cool I enjoy the music…
Then was perusing the Youtube :wink: and there are many channels that profess Satanic leaning, ranging from the make my parents angry gothic types, to some creepy characters, to what seems to be legitimate worshipers that approach it much in the say way as it is here, or in E A’s presentation of Demons etc…

Just looking for opinions,

Do you think most Left handers as it were get it wrong?
Sticking too hard to Judaeo Christian representations of " Hell" Demons and the like?

Just curious to see what those on this path consider “legitimate” following or seeking in this area…

As always your opinions and replies are much appreciated…

Be Well

You could be Left-Hand Path by the definition below, and never once work with a “demon”:

Essentially, the left-hand path is the path of non-union with the objective universe. It is the way of isolating consciousness within the subjective universe and, in a state of self-imposed psychic solitude, refining the soul or psyche to ever more perfect levels. The objective universe is then made to harmonize itself with the will of the individual psyche rather than the other way around. Where the right-hand path is [i]theocentric[/i] (or certainly alleocentric: "other centred"), the left-hand path is [i]psychecentric[/i], or soul/self-centred. Those within the left-hand path may argue over the nature of this self/ego/soul, but the idea that the individual is the epicentre of the path itself seems undisputed. An eternal seperation of the individual intelligence from the objective universe is sought in the left-hand path. This amounts to an immortality of the independent self-consciousness moving within the objective universe, and interacting with it at will.

Source: “Lords Of The Left-Hand Path” by Stephen Flowers

Or, you could be a devout Christian, and work commanding demons in the old grimoiric style, using Hebrew godnames and intending this as your own way to overcome weaknesses and make it to “heaven.”

However, there’s usually an overlap as you’ll see on here, especially with a lot of people coming from Xian backgrounds and automatically being drawn to its perceived opposite, and demons are no longer “off limits” to LHP people in the way they may be under some religious paradigms, but you can be LHP and not have to be into evil spookie-wookie dark stuff, for sure (it’s just so much FUN though! :D) - or, a Satanist, and as hidebound by dogma and worship as any Bishop.

[quote=“Teufelhund OR, post:1, topic:7666”]Do you think most Left handers as it were get it wrong?
Sticking too hard to Judaeo Christian representations of " Hell" Demons and the like?[/quote]

+1 Eva

I absolutely agree there. Following the left hand path essentially is not just being completely free of any restrictions posed, it is also the path to take when YOU are the one making the rules.

In your own reality you are the centre and you shape things in ways you find fit. You can choose to work with any entity to achieve this, or, you can walk the path predominantly alone and still succeed beyond the expectations you pose.

Create your own spells, birth your own egregores, build your own magical tools, warp your own energetic currents. In theory (and not just in theory), left hand path opens the gateway for you to do and be anything you can’t even imagine yourself being. :slight_smile: