Non spirit powered will development

From level of pussy to desired goal of Gandalf? What should be done…
Martial arts training
Reward/habit deprivation until daily goals met
Any other ideas?

Listen to personal power by Toney Robbins it’s on soundcloud.

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Yeah, good idea. I know @Lady_Eva has suggested quite a few ebooks I still need to devour, like Napolean Hill and others.

Plus, to explain my recent posts about not spirit powered, is covered in another post of mine today:

"*Anything that enhances courage would be applicable, since this is an issue of fear.

Perhaps make a sigil that enhances your courage. If you don’t want to do anything concerning entities.*

My point or kick about non spirit powered is for two reasons:

While it’s good to turn to certain spirits for teaching and training, the point of this whole thing is to become a living god/dess.
As @anon72351403 pointed out in a channeling of Belial, his old priest died as a result of worshipping him. Some spirits crave that, some obviously don’t. So, since I tend to want to worship, I obviously need to worship myself first, not to be narcissistic, but to not be murdered."