Non Occult computer question

I have question. When my HP laptop crashed I went and tried to find another affordable laptop. i have been using windows 10 for years, but all of the laptops I could afford were Chrome OS. Since i had no lcue what that was or if I would hate it, I finally settled on this RCA 2 in 1 Cambio BECAUSE IT HAS WINDOWS 10.
I would like to her people on this forum tell me what their thoughts are if they use windows 10 or Chromebook.
I will be starting online classes next month, and will have to get a real laptop. But just not sure which I will like the best.

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Go to a pawn shop, you can often find passable used windows laptops for relatively cheap at pawn shops. I saw a used Alienware laptop (that retailed for $1500 or so) going for $400 in a pawn shop that was in good shape a while back, so you really don’t know what you’ll find.

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Use a Chromebook and install Windows on it lol

Chromebook hardware generally isn’t good enough to handle Windows 10.


My computer crashed as well and I’m stuck using a Chromebook given to me for the work I do for a local theatre company and I hate it.

I learned a Chromebook is unable to access a Windows based external drive, so, until I can get a new computer, I am unable to access any of my files. It is so limited in what it can do, and is practically useless without a wifi connection.

I would stick with Windows, since most software is compatible with it, and the Google OS is not compatible with anything.


I agree. Windows ten is a pain I. The patushka with all the push to use the apps and such but I just disable that to make it more like older window versions and have no trouble. There’s nothing really for chrome book because all of the software that is compatible is by google. It’s like a giant phone imop.

Amazon has great used computers.

By a MacBook :grinning:

Seriously though, you’ll be somewhat limited for software with a GroanBook😉
Also, as mentioned above the hardware has limitations compared to an Intel laptop that runs Windows. My friend and I messed around with one and just about got Windows running on it but boy was it so S L O W.
Also there were driver issues so things didn’t work on it properly.
If you want to try then see below.

My daughters school rolled out GroanBooks for all students. When she brings it home she can’t connect to my printer even though it supports Google Cloud Printing.

Win10 is RUBBISH I must admit but it’ll get you doing what you need to, try to go for known brands.
Acer, HP, Lenovo, Asus are all good choices.

Hope that helps, if you need further help/advice PM me - always glad to help☺️

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I’m not going to put up with a sub-par operating system like windows. (nor do I particularly want crap hardware.) I have been using Linux my computers and have been doing so since 2002, and I went to solely booting into Linux in 2010. (I didn’t bother with duel boot for my new computers once 98 reached EOL)
An early version of Windows xp deleted my files, I didn’t want to deal with product activation and I didn’t realize how you had to run Windows 98 applications in compatibility mode.
When I installed Linux as a duel boot on my computer, I only knew two things about Linux.

  1. Linux is an operating system.
  2. You can use it instead of windows.
    Little did I know how much it would change my life.