Non Norse, Near-Middle East, Africa, Americas

Gods, magick, rituals, exercises for Celtic/Orient/Australia followers?
Thinking about heaven and hell, well, what if I’m neutral, or if my ancestry did jot originate there? Are there resources here for people not giving a crap about any other than Oriental, Celtic, Australian gods and goddesses magic?
I feel blasphemous asking that here.

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For Celtic lore I recommend starting with the following;

Cerrunos, the Morrigan, the Fae, Cu Chaligh (technically a badass mortal warrior but he can totally be a god), demon lore (yes, the Celtic people have folk-demons) and ghosts.

For the Asian gods, Shinto and Taoism are good starting points, although there are many other cultures that aren’t widely shared. I’ve actually tried looking into Korean gods at one point but the information is sadly lacking because many Koreans are either Christian or Buddhist. (There are still some Sindo Korean shamans but the resources for thier religion are comparatively rarer).

Australia is kinda weird… to understand Australia you must understand that they worship the ancestors of Dreamtime. Dreamtime is basically where the world was created by singing. Each tribe (there are many) have a different tiny pantheon.


No there is not a lot specifically about Oriental, Celtic, Australian magick here that i know of ATM. However BALG gives many methods and general information about spirit communication and magick, so it’s up to the individual practitioners to decide how and what spirits they wish to work with.

P.S. You did see the inverted pentagram by the name Become A Living God right? Feeling blasphemous is what we’re all about here. :wink::smiling_imp:


First things first. Wether anyone really likes it or not, she tends to be selective. Don’t be surprised if she ignores you. I’m not the only one with that experience. Most of her followers have seen this. However she is very sweethearted.

As for Celtic, yes, Cernunos would be a great place to start. Also Cerridwen, but she doesn’t really fuck around as a fair warning. Danu is an amazing goddess to start with.

In terms of the Celtic path and tradition I can help set you up, just give me a minute to find resources.


I love a good blasphemy :smiling_imp:


Awesome, thank you all.
A friend of mine, well, her boyfriend sent me a book for free that he wrote on comparative religion, and it has detailed orient magic. Similar methods seem to be universal.
Unfortunately some woman took that book and a good astrology book, and disappeared.
Dreamtime … Interesting.