Non-Goetic grimoires?

Just out of curiosity,

What are your favourite grimoiers that contain sigils and entities that aren’t as main stream as the Goetia? Like the book of Azazel or Kingdom of Flames?

Just wondering if there’s some gems I don’t know about yet and I’m sure there are.

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Kingdoms of Flame is my go to for non Goetic stuff. The spirits are potent. I have also worked a bit out of the Simon Necronomicon.


I think Kingdom of Flames might be the one with the most. It’s been a while so don’t quote me on that!!!

The essence of Thurisan Sorcery triology contains a a number of entities that’s not from the Goetia. Then of course we have the book the hekatæon, and even though Mark Alan Smith has mostly Goetic entities in his books, in one that distinctly remember that he mentions some other entities that’s not Goetic. That are a few examples excluding the death gods.

The Grimoire of Armadel is non goetic, but it is mostly about angels and Christian magick. Interesting read though.

secrets of solomon by joseph peterson

I second Kingdoms of Flame. It’s a favourite.

Some others that might be of interest for non Goetia spirits:

The Simon Necronomicon and the 50 Names of Marduk

The Book of Smokeless Fire

The Black Book of Azathoth

Also, some people say the spirits in the books by the Cabal are potent (just disregard the cult think and worship of Dreadwood from its adherents).

Note: I have not used any of these grimoires, except the 50 Names. I have read all but the Cabal stuff, however.

Thanks everybody! Looks like I’ve got a shit ton of reading to do