Non-believer? (an introduction)

hello, my name is panda, i stumbled across this forum while doing some research on subliminal messaging.
about me:
honestly, im not really a,believer of magick/magic, i feel im too logic/science based and have yet to encounter any personal situation that i cant reasonably to some scientific degree explain, ssoo… because of this i consider myself a non-believer.
kind of the mind set of “i’ll believe it when i see it/it works”
i’ve seen stage magicians and street performers, and done some informal training and street performing so i know the basic of most “tricks”
this is also why i believe in hypnosis and subliminal messaging, i’ve done it, it works to a satisfactory level to mark it as believable.
i’ve yet to see magic provide tangable results (again not refering to illusions and slight of hand of stage magicians and street performers)
all of this is not to say im not open to being a believe in magick, just that… i need taangable proof, or results.
sooo… yeah? i dont know where i was going with that explaination beyond desribing myself, sorry???

magical experience : none…? - illusion and slight of hand? (but for the purposes of thise site im not going to clSsify this as,magick

areas of interest: part 1: pyromancy and nercomancy have always been intriguing to me, in videogames/board games -d&d cough- i loved playing as a necromancer.

part 2: why im actually here:… mind control & love/affection magic.
i mean the mind control is probably a given, given my interest as stated above in hypnosis, now when i say mind control i dont mean full on “do what i say” cheesy movie style type of mind control. it’d be interesting if that were possible, but i realize that is beyond the realm of realism. i more like the subtle mind control type things, example : embedding a subconcious instruction into someone that causes them to instictually say “woof” every time their nose is poked. (i did that to a roommate once, made it last for a week,was kinda funny)
love/affection: tldr: im trying to make my roommate desire to be more affectionate with me. sex is nice but im kind thinking starting smaller? like just enjoying cuddling together, maybe some erotic hand play…-cough i like giving hand jobs cough- i havent really come to terms yet with if i want to have sex with this person yet or not so not. i mean, im. ok with going to the extreme and diving straight into the deep-end… but i prefer getting used to the water tempurature in the kiddle pool first.
so why not hypnotise them if you prefer it and it works?
well… it doesnt…your close friends are always the hardest/most difficult to hypnotise without intense practice and study, and ive got a handicap in that im basicly self taugh from books and youtube (better then nothing, if only slightly) so im not really skilled enough to hypnotise them like that… they’re also somewhat opposed to me hypnotising the due to my inexperience and lack of formal training. soif i wanted to hypnotise them it would have to be by surprise/without them knowing, but again… not skilled enough.
and ive tried subliminals/making my own subliminal message recordings i play when they’re around/sleeping, but it’s been like 6+ months with no results. i also run into the taboo of “hypnotising people to love you is immoral” so getting someone to make a hypnosis or subliminal recording for me has all ended in a no.

and one last final roadblock is finances not saying im not willing to pay, but i mean im not will, not do i actually have that kind of expendable cash lying around, to spend several thousand dollars for a custom made subliminal track that “may or may not” work.
i think my soft budget cap is $50-100, maybe up to $200 but i have to be VERY convinced it’ll yeild results.

sssooo yeah… that’s me in a very long forum post


Thank you for doing an introduction, and welcome :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about being a sceptic and non-believer; we have many. As long as you treat all viewpoints with respect, whether you agree with them or not, and keep to our generally civil discourse, you are most welcome here :slight_smile:



i’d like to believe, i just havent … found anything worth believing in… i guess is how i’d put it?

You need to be skeptical. I am a skeptic and a weird sort of athiest. I like the term “unbeliever” because it suggests movement. I engage in weird shit, and weird shit happens, but I am open to the idea that I am manipulating my own conciousness rather than the physical world.

Honestly though, if that’s the case then my skepticism becomes Cartesian. Science can not prove that you are not a disembodied mind hallucinating your entire physical reality. That’s not a joke.

Every fact about the natural world that you consider to be true, rests on a reasonable assumption. The most ironclad laws of physics are also reasonable assumptions.

Anyhow, good luck don’t panic :call_me_hand:

lol the brain in a jar theory! my favorite theory!
along with the theory of relativity.

i like to take the approach of “reality is what i perceive and exists because i perceive it”

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I’m an atheist. And soon I’ll be a magician, so don’t worry.


@Hs_Panda It is always good to be skeptical and never blindly accept anything. I feel like sooner or later you will gain some sort of experience and fully immerse yourself in magick. Good luck! :grinning: