Do you ever feel the spirits leading you into the world? Into the wilderness?
For the last 5 years i have had the spirits lead me to many wondrous moments traveling my country and others. They have never been easy traveling with very low money but having that deep desire for adventure. Im not sure if im a nomad but i just have this deep fire burning within.


Yes. All the time I feel that my time is almost out. That money will get me nowhere just like it always did and that to chase it is a big waste of time. Might as well show my true colors. I can’t even bare to waste my time filling out applications any more, just to have the illusion of opportunity dangled in front of me every day…I’m getting ready to just go see for myself. I really long to see what is out there, meet people who do what I want to. This is hell.



Thats thing i have not much desire for a house “the normal life” im sure you may feel the same! I thrive for adventure and to travel. Using magick for my advantage to enable me to do that and i dont just mean to get a job and save for staying i hotels but live life on the edge!
As i see it im still in the matrix but just woke!
So much to see so much to do!!