No success with Evocation

I’m having trouble seeing or even hearing anything once I finish reading the Conjurations (just crickets). Any thoughts or ideas of what could be wrong ?


How long have you been studying magic ? 3 months ? Less ?

4-5 months.

yeah, that’s the same, and I knew it because of your query.

so you think that you say conjurations and boom spirits appear and talk to you ?

I’m sorry to disappoint you but this is not how it works.

Why would a spirit respond to your call ? Who are you ? What have you done for the spirits ? Have you trained your mind ? Learnt how to manipulate your energies ? Learn how to focus ? Direct your intent ? Have you studied about the spirits worlds and the various paradigm to find the one that suits you best ?

Why do people always want everything right away ?

Magic is not an easy path dude. It requires work, dedication, discipline, will, and consistency. If you’ve got some talent it’s even better but without the former qualities you wont go far with sole talent.

So, work and work again, learn, read, study, books, forums, and practice practice practice. Baby steps.

Then, with time…