No sleep with evocation

Hey everyone! Just wanted to ask a question…I have evocated Asmodeus 2 times now and those 2 times I can never fall asleep at night, its not because I’m scared or anything I’m just not tired at all. Is this normal? Also those 2 times it gets me horny :slight_smile: (yes, I know he is a lust demon)


Yes, working with demonic beings is often like caffiene (or something stronger), and being horny after magick is totally natural and normal, happens to me all the time… probably one of the reasons witches rode their broomsticks to get home! :laughing:

It is seriously a thing that happens to a lot of us, one of the perks of being a magician… :wink:


No wonder I can never sleep after evocations.

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I get different bodily reactions with different Demons / spirits.

Lucifer fills me full of fire and sleep would be difficult, with an exception of when he blessed me and I slept like I was dead for 12 hours.

Others like King Paimon give me great lucid dreaming sleep and comfort.

I would consider it normal for want of a better word. It can be stimulating. My evocations tend to knock everyone in the house out for days later


Well Sexual energy is always a good sign :sweat_smile:

As mentioned above, depending on who you evoke/invoke you sorta take on their traits.

With Astaroth I feel more calm, loving and even Warrior like while with Lilith I feel happy, in a state of ecstasy, free and independent.

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Lucifer - Put me right to sleep.
King Paimon - Made me feel like I mainlined adrenaline.
Lord Belial - Makes me wanna dance / mosh
Lucifuge - Made me fall asleep not even 5 minutes after.

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Pretty much any enn makes me want to fall asleep. I always notice a personality change after listening to them when I stay awake.

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Yea Lord Belial and King Paimon kept me up for daaaaaays lol.

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Anything that significantly raises your energies, like a strong evocation, will naturally leave you feeling wired, which makes it hard to sleep, even if you’re dead tired.

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