No Signal

So I been hearing the no signal Sound a tv makes when it has no signal. and sometime I feel like something is pushing against my ears like someone is trying to communicate with me but cant. my thing is how can I fix this I feel like my Clairaudiance might be developing a little as I hear voices hear and then but that’s just it. what can I do so the I can progress further I been trying to Focus on the sound but whenever I do it just become bit louder


If this is communication of some kind or new skills developing then meditation and focus will help, sometimes we believe we are focused when internally we are blocked,
When I first started noticing my Clairaudience skills I naturally blocked it and suffered headaches and high pitched sounds.
Over time I realised that I had to manage it and that meant listening, it’s not like listening or as easy as listening to another human being.
It takes time, meditation, patience and focus.
Don’t focus on the sound go beyond the sound, concentrate on the feeling you get when you here the sound, if it stresses or annoys you transform that into calmness and patience, welcome those who are trying to communicate.
I found setting boundaries a good start, explaining I will take time to listen and work with them and ask them to take the headache/noise away.
Then I would set aside time to meditate and once I was calm open myself up to communicate and listen.
They excepted this unless they had an urgent message or I was with someone they wanted to talk to.
You won’t solve this overnight, you will however find away that works for you over time it’s a gift I treasure and now have control off.
I was lucky to have a close friend until her passing guide me as I developed this skill.

Good luck @Sylus :blush:

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Thank you I’ll give it a Try

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