No rituals, I just get it

About a year ago I started regaining senses I had as a kid. Not all of them went away, like sensing energies or spirits around me, but even those have changed a bit ( not scary anymore ). I’m starting to have premonitions again, only ever on accident, and this wierd feeling of connection to everything around me has come back to. I forgot what it felt like and it’s hard to explain but it’s basically like I can sit and think to a specific entity or just to existence in general and get mental reaponses. What is kinda weird though is that ever since this started happening anytime I think about something I need or want it has been finding it’s way to me…CONSISTENTLY. no evocation rituals, no asking or pleading, just…here ya go. I haven’t exactly been hitting the lottery ( maybe I should be thinkin about how I’d like to win the lottery…and play it…?) but things have just been falling into place since I started meditating and opening myself back up about a year ago. Anybody else have a time like this or a term for what may be going on? I kinda get the feeling I’m being helped out by someone but I currently don’t know if that’s true ( but my intuition is hardly ever wrong) or have any idea who it might be. I’ve been doing ALOT of studYing and essays lately so haven’t had time to work with entities or wonder about this much but it’s on my mind right now so anybody have any thoughts and similar experiences? I’d love to hear them
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Yes, I have that happen a lot, usually when I’m doing the most work possible and really pushing myself in terms of conquering fears or other obstacles - it’s like the whole cosmos just plays along with me, it’s awesome! :slight_smile:

I’d definitely class it as a theogenesis experience, given that the whole “command the powers of a goddess within my lifetime” thing probably isn’t a simple binary state, a yes/no proposition.

You can think of Binary as the birthing into this world and the exiting of this…whereas one has The Superimposition of 1’s and 0’s where one gets 10. 10 is affiliated with a number of things like 10 dimensions…however in India one has the 10 karmas…where 10 is considered the Death Karma…but one has the Superimposingnof Life (1’s) and Death (0’s) where one gets EXISTENCE. So life is basically a constant flow of many different processes and its products coming into existence while others leave this physical reality.

I have alot of experiences like that throughout my life but attribute it to Luck. Part of it is in relation to my own Goddess and alot of Mama’s whom to also have a Disir persuasion or way about them.

Thank you! Nice to know I’m never alone when wierd shit happens!

Could you please elaborate more about the meditation that you practice?
thank you

Could you please elaborate more about the meditation that you practice?
thank you[/quote]

Most often chakra meditation. Sometimes I play music that claims to have vibrations that are attuned to each chakra as I go through them but more often than not it’s just plain Ole boring sit in my room and focus. I don’t always meditate on the chakra though, sometimes I just meditate on…I don’t know…life, questions, concepts, particular entities or energies such as the elements. Basic stuff I guess. Nothing with a particular end goal in mind I just do it for all the goodie good feeling stuff. I’m bad about not sticking to one thing for long periods of time so there isn’t any specific type of meditation for a specific spiritual development or side effect that I am currently working on. I’m just working on me, and doing very well with these meditation subjects I mentioned. Hope that effectively answers your question Cristinica! :heart: