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I made various spells in last 2 weeks but so far no results…even with universal circles, incense, black candles, black mirror.
My equipment are not perfect but I think it should be good enough to get at least some results. I don’t know what to do, I tried my best with what I have and where I live. :frowning:

Based on my previous experiences oui-ja table works far better than rituals, at least fir me. The problem is I cannot find companions who want/can use it with me regularly. What a pity.

Magick is not about the Equipement, at least in my own Experience, also, Did you trained the Basic Skill of Magick, such as being able to enter a relaxed state or an altered state of Consciousness, if you prefer, are you able to Visualise and keep focused and to feel Energy, because without those Skill, It is normal that what you get is failure,

Also, Sometime Magick can take more then 2 weeks to Manifest, if its Big Goal, also, did you keep your Goal Realistic?

As for the Ouija Board, if it works for you then that Fine, Also i dont think having other people with you is Mandatory,

I agree with mephistor, your equipment is there to help you get in the right frame of mind, more of a placebo. The actual success is determined by your mind alone.
In future you should ensure you have achieved the proper meditative state and focus exclusively on what you want to achieve.
Also, don’t forget to actually channel the energy into the goal, a mistake quite a few bigginners make is forming the spell but then fail to cast/ channel it into manifestation.

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Ok. I know how to do meditation etc and yes I think I made everything proper mentally. Probably it just takes more time. Yes, my goals were quite high mostly.
Ouija alone? no it doesn’t work properly and powerfully. It would be like a smartphone without internet connection.

I agree with @Mephistor. I personally don’t use tools that much nor I feel like I need them and I never had troubles manifesting my desires. Again, the reason why some people have better results with tools is because of their beliefs. They believe that it will help them and improve manifestation of their desires. Reason why I don’t want to depend on these tools is because I want to manifest things without anything, just by myself.

Imagine that you are in some desert without anything, even without your tools and you have to perform a ritual to survive. You instantly put yourself in limit and decrease a chance to survive. I am just giving you some random example but I guess you understood my point here.

By the way, the reason why it is not manifested is because you are putting limits to spirits and also requesting and expecting something what shouldn’t be expected from them when you’re not in a relationship with them.

There are many reasons why money can’t be manifested as you desired:

  1. You’re not putting enough effort into something.
  2. Spirits are testing you to see if you’re worthy.
  3. You are putting some limits to them which you shouldn’t (e.g. asking them for specific amount of money for that specific (short) period of time.
  4. You don’t have enough “resources” to manifest what you desired in that period of time.

For one to manifest wealth, one should know difference between dreams and reality. Knowing your current resources will let you know where you can go so far and how fast you can progress. To manifest wealth, one should not be greedy nor cold, he should be somewhere in between. Also he should understand connection between spiritual world (energy in general) and material world (in this case, money), then manifesting desired results will be much easier.

When it comes to wealth magick and spirits of wealth, you have to understand that they won’t share their knowledge and treasures to everyone, just like some wealthy person won’t share his money to someone else who’s not close to him.

Being able to control emotions, greed and being real to yourself is big key to success in my opinion.

If you really want to become wealthy and know more about it, then create a relationship or partnership with some spirit(s) and spend some time with them instead of begging or commanding them to do something for you.

~ Flame

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What exactly is it you are having difficulty with?

Everything. I tried spells in all areas and none worked. So I cut and threw away all sigils and spells I wrote down on paper (can they still be going on or are totally cancelled?).

Now I am trying to establish a relationship with Astarte , who I like because she is a goddes and not an “angel” or “demon”. I think the hebrew/christian frame repels me, even if used for black magic. I agree about the equipment not be essential, in the past I performed miracles just worshipping Shiva with my mind.
Only demon I felt a link with doing ritual is belial. Maybe I will try again with Belial, maybe he is already working to make me more important in society but it takes time. For now I will devote myself more to Astarte, she already revealed me she is the source of the “UFO cults”. The “pleiadians” and ASHTAR sheran and the “Galactic federation of Light” are all made by her and her angels. This came as a strong thought who came into my mind like an hammer and a certainty after meditating on Astarte with circle and black mirror. I think more obscure “aliens” like the greys or chupacabras or terrifying monsters kidnapping people are probably Belial’s angels but could be also Astaroth’s (which is like the dark side of Astarte/Ishtar/Inanna/Iside). Anyway I got thought impulses very deep about the Billy Meier case and the UFO phenomena generally speaking. Basically is all done by ancient gods in disguise , to try to help humanity and to show THEY are real and still among us , much more than we imagine. Crop circles are done by various ancient gods.

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I’ve often felt that people here overlook the ancient gods, they became that well know for good reasons snd have immense power.

What did you do when you cut the sigils up, was your intention to close them and sever the link?

no, I wanted to hide my occult practises. While threwing them away I asked mentally they go on anyway. Can still have some effects?

Hey Franco!

let me explain to you the practical meaning of “ritual”

it is a time during which you behave NOTHING LIKE NORMAL. you are enacting the vibrations of desired effect with your imagination, body movements, sounds and words.

i guess that you prepare all your apparatus (which is awesome), light the candles, say the words… wait… and you guess that it is done…
you blow the candle and you say… it is done… i guess

this is me few years ago.

but i’ve discovered that primal shamanic-type movement occurs when you USE THE POWER OF YOUR SOUL… it’s like the inner power of yourself pushing out of yourself, which is inside yourself pushing outside itself :slight_smile:

the other thing is … CONSTANT PRESSURE !

when you start your calling and your movements, use a slow and steady crescendo with no hurry… enjoy this ride
congradulate yourself internaly for ever reaching this much at all

you know how many people don’t understand that it’s all about INTENSITY?

if you ever masturbated, you understand that it’s not enough to put your hand on your penis, stroke it floppy 9 times and say it is done.

For those who want to know more (myself)

in Reality, you do not do the ritual. you just make yourself available for the energies which need to pass, but you block them in your normal daily life.

you do not do the Ritual. You Are The Doing of The Ritual.

The Bird Does Not Fly - It Is Flown

The Fish Does Not Swim - It is Swam

some things try to get through you for a very long time, but you seem to block them somehow. in ritual, you allow these things to come, finaly.

you are then swam through the waters of infinity riding the surf of vibrations you belong to.

Yes I understand what you mean. Yes I try to act that way, after the ritual I feel always exhausted and hungry but also elated like I levitate while walking.
Today I made a “big” spell which includes almost all the previous spells I did. I called 9 demons at once for these goals, which could take years to reach. It’s a life-long proactive general spell.
Now I will keep the sigils and paper used, hidden. And I will relax for a while and forgetting about rituals for some weeks.