No Reply- or Comment button any more

I logged on today to read messages etc. I wanted to make some replies, and discuss, but now I find no 'Reply" or “Comment” button for me to push in order to do so.

Now- I am not accusing at all- but, I have had this happen to me many times- in fact a “Mormon Polygamist yahoogroup” pulled my "post and reply button. If I have said or done something to have my voice squelched please tell me what it is so I can work it out- HOWEVER I highly doubt this is the issue- how in the hell can I be a “Severe Threat” to this group of people?

I think I will Log Off and try to retry logging on to see if it shows up.

You could just email support @:

and ask for help?

Try clicking “post”.

Oh, well that’s for a thread. You know that lol. Not sure about a comment tab in messages, but its possible they dislike and or hate you.