No pmo

Is there acting health benefits attached to no fap and no pmo


I tried no fap for 30 days, it was not an easy thing to do, i didnt even watch porn

Benefits - 1) i was not depressed, always full of energy
2) felt more active
3) creative stuff comes to your mind
4) more motivation in the Gym
5) slept fine

Downs - 1) my lower stomach started a normal pain to a high one
2) always getting a boner
3) sexual thoughts everytime

Overall i dont prefer doing no fap, but it does cuts the porn addiction which is good

Btw i did not see any physical apperance changed or anything but my voice became a bit deeper


There are lots of benefits when u quit porn

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I gotta ask…what is “pmo” in this context? :thinking:

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It should be P.M.O
Porn, masturbations,orgasm


Ah, thank you. So, essentially it’s the same thing as no fap.

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Damn right.

It will change your life , besides the slightly negative connotation attached to it of guys in their beat up 1980s Toyota’s talking about how it changed their life , you are going to be retaining your kundalini , which will empower all the chakras , your ability to manifest , your masculine energy , your aura will expand , your visualization will be clearer , your emotions felt more thoroughly , your happiness will be way more prevalent from finding dopamine from other things , your energy and even strength will go up , I read a quote that said a mans life should be divided into two parts , one where he wastes his sexual energy and the other part where he retains it , and that so true, every great person mainly has done it ; Tesla , Steve Jobs are two obvious ones


This might be self thought. Or an illusionary thought but I have noticed that my magick has been more intense since I started to do this.

This is one of my personal experiences, when im going on a nofap series my luck seems to turn around good and seems to attract positive stuff more in my life

This might be a thought of mine i have on my mind but i have tried several times and it worked

Just my personal experience

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Depends on you. If you’re obsessed with it than yeah it might benefit you. However, otherwise it doesn’t do anything. I can do it once a day then suddenly stop and not do it again, nothing changes. So really it’s more of a subjective sense of how it’s impacting your body, are you obsessed with it, etc.

At the end it’s majority placebo.

But your Prana is released through ejaculation from the spine which holds the chakras you
Don’t think there’s any validation in retaining the Prana or is there a way to manage your energy so you don’t lose it after you nut

It increases your life force and expands your aura , your able to generate more force behind your thoughts and your chakras are also nice and juicy with life force

I don’t agree with that belief I know my energy system and when I do it that doesn’t happen. As for the energy released I put that energy to use.

From a biological standpoint, it makes sense that having your dopamine receptors be less fatigued (no overboard arousal from pmo), life in general becomes more interesting.
I can attest to the claims about increased focus, creativity, vitality, emotional stability and all.
But you will need outlets for the excess energy, actually anything, and learning to circulate the energy up and down your spine and even around your body, to feel even more energised and less frustrated.
Grounding helps a lot with the whole process too (sitting or standing meditation combined with easy diaphragmatic breathing).


Yeah it becomes a shit Ton of energy after a week I can’t even sleep but I don’t need to form the energy lol