No outbox

has anybody else noticed this, or is it only me?
In the Private messaging area, there is a promp to keep copies of the messages we send out, and those are supposed to be stored in the outbox.
However, this in no link for any outbox at all. I have been saving some of the messages i have sent to people, but i have no idea where they go once they have been saved.
I have had up to four or five people sending similar or identical questions to some of my posts. I have sought the saved messages to copy the first replies to the new enquirers. But they are lost. It gets tiring to write a message several times to different people, and that outbox link could help. So where is it?

When viewing your messages, look up. Do you see the link that says messages next to Balg Forum? It’s directly above your list of received messages. Click on that and a drop box will appear. Look for sent items and that is your outbox.

Something I also wanted to mention, I have seen alot of people on this forum say there is no button for making direct replies to a topic on this forum and others say, you just have to hit quote under someone’s message and then erase the quoted content and replace it with your own. Actually, there is a downward pointing arrow in a tiny gray box at the bottom of all forum topics, if you click on that a reply box will drop down and appear with a post and a preview button below it and you can type a direct response in there… I think most people don’t notice this one either because it says write a comment, add photo, ask a question and those are not clickable links so people don’t think to check the arrow.

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Gosh, thanks Raven. I can’t believe I never noticed it there.

Yes, thank you!

It is incredibly tiny, and the box it opens even on a 1152 x 864 monitor so small, I don’t even bother with it, and I also wasn’t sure how (or whether) it shows up in mobile versions of this forum - I mentioned it in this tutorial I did last year, but I don’t think many people read it, so the reminder is probably long overdue, thanks! :slight_smile:

Normally forums have a “Reply” link right next to where this one has “Quote” “Remove” and “Edit,” but it’s a quirk here…

Also Milla don’t forget, you can select ALL messages to be saved into “Sent Items” - go to “Messages” then “Change Settings” (bottom of the left-hand side list) and then tick the box for “Save a copy of each personal message in my sent items by default.”

That saves you having to remember to do it each and every time, and I also keep copies of my frequently sent messages (like intro remonders and a post-intro greeting etc) in a simple notepad file in my forum folder.

This saves a ton of time, especially for formatted things that have links or bold or italic text. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the comment box arrow thing works in mobile, I use it all the time.