No one here knows about magic

First of all, please do ignore the title. It is clickbait.
Now that I have your attention, I would like to discuss, if you all kindly allow me, about a matter that is implicitly related to this shitty clickbait title: Magic and personal experience.

Lately there has been a lot of discussion (implicit and explicit), and even arguments regarding magic and presumed lack of knowledge between different users.
Even though magic has got some theoretical principles and, for our theistic friends, theologies (which greatly vary according to the tradition from which we study it from), we need to remember that Magic is, in the end, and as many other options, a form of Spirituality.

Spirituality is a human need (even lacking faith is a form of spirituality and to attempt to justify our own existence). Spirituality is something personal. Like all personal matters, their perceptions and our own experiences are the ones that pace the gnosis, and create that fulfilment.

So before questioning each other dogmas or validating/discarding other people perceptions, I would like to ask all of you (including myself) to count until 3 and to remember that the form of spirituality we are choosing to share with each other is a form of spirituality that provides the practitioner with inmense fulfillment and satisfaction, regardless of whether it is magic or not.

It is how all of us confront the bad and the good, and how we build our own resilience.

All being said, questioning ourselves and each other in a constructive and respectful way is a must within the LHP and the famous antinomianism, but there is a thin line that, today, I would like to remind everyone about.

Thank you for reading me.
I am grateful to all of the BALG community for existing.
As always, stay awesome.




I’ve been getting sick of how people are antagonizing each other and getting all dramatic over the silliest things.

It’s been making it hard to be active lately, because I want more good content and less bullshit drama.


Essentially why I chose to keep out of the occult for awhile. The forum can become quite spicy.

In other news: My return to the occult has recharged me and made me more adaptable and I have an easier time learning stuff. Now that’s what and Aussie would call noice.


I came in here to agree and got clickbait. You’ve let me down @anon48532061. Personally, I like the spicy shit.

I get the secrecy toward lay people, but I can’t wrap my head around the hush-hush attitudes in magick sometimes amongst occultists. It’s healthy to have those jarring discussions that piss people off–and not in a “my knowledge is better than your knowledge” way–to challenge and verify things. It’s the only way to sift through the bullshit.


Member-moderation though - you see it, you own it, so drop a flag. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hence the clarification about the thin line between discussion and bitching around.

I am a clickbait bitch, you see.


I’ll admit, I can get carried away with this stuff. Anytime I sense something that I think is bullshit, I immediately feel the need to say something (and I can be pretty blunt). It’s a bad habit and I need to work on it more.


That is not a bad thing. The thing is that we need to question ourselves why we think something is bullshit.


Honestly, I see a fair amount here that I think is bullshit. I’m assuming however that some people think everything I say is bullshit, so I refrain from calling it out unless it seems like outright trolling. My viewpoint is good for me, but it doesn’t invalidate other people’s viewpoints and all that. Also disagreeing with something doesn’t mean I think its even a bad opinion, it just doesn’t match my own feelings and experience for whatever reason


Damn it, I did not see that coming. How is she doing that? You wizard.




Yerr a wizzard Harry.


Skepticism is healthy in occult matters. The prejudice of veteran occultists fueling contention is not only inevitable, but in my opinion also productive, if only for the odd aspirant here and there who’s bright enough to tell whether he’s reading an argument between two truly occult minds splitting hairs or else witnessing a real occultist tearing a delusional headcanoning LARPer a new asshole. Both kinds of contentions are instructive.


Bit still, if for that LARPer, their delusions are actually a fountain of contentment and joy due to fulfilment of spiritual needs, who are we to revoke that people from a spiritual path? Obviously discussing and debating are great sources to confront that delusions, but I have seen situations in which people who were not roleplaying actually ended up leaving the occult due to the toxicity. It happens every day.
Some people use the premise of confronting to actually feed their egos.



First off I loved your post it was so thoughtful Thank you

Second I love the gif and how he leaves Edward refusing to validate him as a real vampire Priceless! lol

(Obviously not my favorite vampire. I like my vampires to actually be dark and dangerous not whatever Edward actually was)


Yeah there are jaded pricks on the internet too. But, at the end of the day, you can either death hex them effectively or you can’t.


Y’all know nothing about magick!

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Damn, gurl. You caught me. How?


Can’t be magic, no one knows about it here…Must be magick :thinking:


It comes with the privilege of being the only one around here who knows about magick!