No matter what i do i can't reach the TGS state

help please i can feel a wave of energy go over me when a spirit arrives but i cant hear them i try meditation clear my mind but still cant reach the state binary beats does not work for me either.

any help or advice would be great .


Have you taken the time to develop your senses?

The Theta/Gamma state is relatively easy to enter, but it doesn’t automatically give you the ability to see or hear spirits. It that was all it takes then anyone who enters Theta would be very surprised at the spirits hanging around.

In EA’s evocation course,Theta is just the beginning. Developmental exercises to develop the senses are still required.

You have probably entered Theta, but not deep enough to enter what EA refers to as “the rapture state.” That comes with lots of practice.


How would I develope my senses?

I have same challenge. Practice, practice and practice. I know it’s very annoying sometimes, especially if you want to learn something quick like I want to know how to do it today rather than tomorrow…


Structuring, and scrying develop vision. Search the forum for techniques.

Opening sigils and asking questions and writing down the answers develops hearing. Pick five spirits, and write down 5 questions to ask them. Open a sigil, and ask your questions, being sure to write down whatever comes into your head. With practice, this will help you to discern the voice of the spirit from your own inner voice.


These may provide some insights on the altered states of the mind.


Thank u~

There’s also Diviners Sage or Salvia Divinorum


Thank u for them

Being in TGS does not automatically mean you will hear/see them. I can hit TGS in under 2 minutes and I get visual interraction less than 25%, vocal interaction even less (way less!) than that. So don’t get discouraged!

If you are getting an energetic read then that is a good sign. Keep plugging at exercises to build those senses; it does pay off, and as far as I can tell it slowly but surely continues to do so.

Also, maybe try new exercises. Experiment a bit. Think of it like going to a gym. I once hit a plateau at 5 pullups, but after adding deadlifts to my routine every week for a few months I broke 10. Training your brain to do new functions is very similar. It all builds on itself.


Don’t think so much. Just take some deep breaths while staring at the sigil. Relax.

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How long you been at it. sounds to me like you are well on the path, just keep trudging, tha is why it is called The Great Work. cuz its work

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I have trouble with all of this myself. So I tend to use what I naturally pick up.

My head is alway so busy. I think it might have something to do with my A.D.D./A.D.H.D. and O.C.D.

It’s like having 5,000 thoughts competing for your attention all at once.


Have ya tried japa meditations with a mala? It gives the brain and body a focus that it can dig into to.I’ve found the mix provided by kunda yoga of mantra, mandala(sigil) and asana the mind and body a cooperative focus so it can flow from state to state.

Connor posted an method is similar here, with a lil tweaking of the target it can be used for invoking many different energies not just spirits.

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Hmm haven’t heard of it. I’ll give it a shot.

Here is some info on japa


Thank you.

There’s also various hypnosis mp3’s - a very good one for theta meditation here -

For cheaper brain entrainment ones try Baal Kadmons site -,

Give these a good try and you should be fine.


Hi @Ozraga, @Lucia21. TGS is not always easy to enter. Depends a bit on if your busy in your head or not. Some people enter it very quickly. For me it takes time. But take your time. Can be with a YouTube binaural beat and Enn calling like:
Or guided invocation like:

The last one helped me a lot. Azazel gets you in the TGS. The guiding and listening brings your mind in a resting state. Even with these tools it will take me 20 minutes. So if you do a lot of thinking and have problem letting go of thoughts, it will take time. But if you take the time you will get there!


This is a process. My first interactions were sensory impressions, like I felt the energy, felt the entity was saying yes or no. I used a pendulum for a while to divine answers. But evocation is one of three godlike abilities EA talks about. Soul Travel, Divination, but develop astral senses. Then there’s energy work. You may have blocks in your energy body.
I’d say you’re doing well, some people don’t feel Entities. Practice structuring entities in your mind when you begin to feel the sensory impressions of their presence manifesting. Imagination is paramount.
Also I highly recommend the method mentioned of opening sigils and writing down answers. I also covered a few tips on my YouTube channel.